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Vs fuel line size

vs fuel line size length Product Fit : Direct Fit Material : Steel Color/Finish : Natural Type : Fuel Line Warranty : 1 year or 12,000-mile Dorman limited warranty Anticipated Ship Out Time : Same day - 1 business day Quantity Sold : Set of 2 Prop 65 Warning : 2007 700xp Fuel Line Size. My build is a 67 Mustang, 521 BBF with a stock fuel tank, 5/16" steel line from tank to pump, and a 5/16" steel line from pump to carb with an inline pressure regulator. Location : Inlet And Outlet Notes : Viton gasket material; 16 mm fitting size end 1 and 3/8 in. Hi everybody, I need to order a new fuel line (tank-to-pump) for my '65 hardtop. I use Tygon(yellow) and find it to be more durable. Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Fuel Line Connectors at the official West Marine online store. When I needed to replace the hard line to the carb on my '67 327/275 it was a 5/16" at the fuel pump. 10AN RETURN LINE SIZE The size of the return line is determined by the output of the fuel pump. 2. 030" wall thickness though. D. The fuel supply tank and fuel line must be installed in accordance with the requirements of UL and any local codes and regulations. For example, an AN size -2 designates a tube OD of eighth-inch (2 x 1/16”), the tube OD of AN size -3 is 3/16” (3 x 1/16”). The Tank Purge Line is to return the excess fuel that is in the carburetor after the primer bulb has been pushed (Part Number 530069216) is also 25 inches. Standard neoprene fuel hose can be used for fuel, PCV and EEC systems on all vehicles where working pressures are under 50 psi or vacuum ratings are under 24-in. No regulator is required. Just need to get proper fittings to adapt. JYM fuel hose safely handles a wide variety of petroleum based fuels in depot, dispenser, dock, engine fuel line, in-plant transfer, transport and tank truck suction and discharge service. One size larger will allow free flow. Motion Pro stuff is always good quality, but 1/4" is too big (6. That's combined with the tank/pump distance and elevation from the engine, and the number and types of bends/connections, to determine line ID. 3 gph (enough to support 1000 HP at a BSFC of. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could tell me the size of the rubber fuel line that goes from the fuel pump to the fuel filter n from the fuel filter to the main fuel line? Nick Mar 3, 2010 feed line 5/16" OD return line 1/4" OD Internal diameters are probably 1/4" and 3/16", but I didn't measure them. and 10. Is it 5/16 or 3/8 ?? I'm trying to replace with the oem size. I find the easiest way is to remove and take the old fuel lines to the supplier, then you can get the right ID/OD and length. 99 $10. aliensinla @dannyvin. No belt maintenance or adjustment necessary. Never decrease/increase the size of the carb line with filters or tees that are not the same as the tubing being used. The 5/16″ fuel line is actually perfect for smaller outboards. If you plan to replace existing hoses and fittings, I would use 3/8-inch ID hose and appropriate fittings, rather than use 5/16-inch. Fuel Line Basics. cold_beer839 · Registered. 255 liters is the volume of fuel that the pump will flow at 40 psi. 15 Ft/Sec. Call us on 01580 891309 | 01580 448007 | 01580 448017 Size Clear. I think some of the worst fuel line ever was that German stuff with the cloth braided covering used on BMW airheads, and on VW bugs. 50 sale Motion Pro Premium 1/4" I. NOTE, you should also replace the lines from the tank to the fuel selector, clean/replace selector, then the line from selector to water separator, then the carb lines (inlet, return) Might as well open the carb and see whats cooking inside. Fuel line adapters feature a unique crimp design which eliminates tube flaring. Fuel systems can be incorrectly designed if the pressure loss attributed to the length of the fuel lines isn’t taken into account. one with a smaller opening, for the same volume of fluid, the pressure is higher. Fuel Line sizes from the cell to the float bowls. 5/16" The size of the fuel line is unrelated to any problem. the only reason we ran 1/2" line on our fuel altered many years ago was because we were running alcohol and we needed the volume. Standard Automotive Hose Size HIFROM Fuel Line Hose Tube (4 Size) 2mm x 3. …Use caution when threading fuel line in, as the warranty is void if threads have been cross threaded. Use these figures as a fuel line sizing standard: * Up to 250HP = 5/16" or -04 AN * Up to 375HP = 3/8" or -06 AN Car Performance 101: Fuel-line Hose – What You Should Use. You should run a minimum of a #8 vent for all applications. FUEL LINE SIZE (FROM PUMP TO REGULATOR) Fuel line size is determined by the horsepower of the engine. This is the stock size fuel line that was used on many of the 60's-80's Honda twins and singles and fours including the CB160, CB175, CB350K, CB/CL450K, CB550 and CB750. , the larger they need to be. D. 122 Nitrous solenoids and . 3 / 8” . I do remember one short length of 8mm,in which you would use 5/16" in place of. . pressure steel performance fuel lines: 36" Fuel line, straight high pressure steel performance fuel line with swedged ends, 4mm (. Anywhere you have a metal line or object connecting to a rubber hose you use a clamp (obviously). Our hoses are cut from a continuous spool, so you can purchase the exact size you need. clear fuel line 13/64 in. We encourage you to call our tech lines at (913) 647-7300 to find out more about complete fuel systems and ensuring you have the right components. 2007 f-250 Crew Cab fx4x4 Auto 6. Home Delivery Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Fuel Lines at the official West Marine online store. Part # 7839. I spent three hours trying to find the proper fuel hose for my FASS. Joined Sep 12, 2010 · 147 Posts . Joined Oct 9, 2010 · 586 Posts . While a specification exists for 5AN hose and fittings, it is exceedingly rare in the aircraft industry. Most are designed with quick-connect fittings and can be removed by pressing the retaining tabs. Search. Joined Jan Aeromotive shared some in-house flow data to drive this home. The fuel injection grades of fuel hose (R9 & R12) are backward compatible with low-pressure carburatted cars. I have a very clear understanding of line size vs. Using a Holley 12-1200 pump, which is a -10 in & out. A. If you put the fuel tank (fuel cell) in the front under hood with a single Carter P4594 6psi 74GPH electric fuel pump. Increased efficiency equals more power. 1 close. Up to 350 HP: 5/16" or . Horsepower. 26. So in ending the supply line & hose is 3/8ths. 75mm brake line, CNF-3; and the larger size is 1/4" CNF-4. Approximate Maximum Flow Rates through Schedule 40 Pipe & Fittings for Selected Line Velocity. You could easily use some 3/8" PIPE size fitting in a particular area of the system, and then make up for it by using 5/8"(+) ID fuel lines and 1/2" size PIPE fittings in other places Consider a vacuum gage after your last OFF-ENGINE filter to be sure your clean system is under 3" hg vacuum when you sea trial I opted for mounting the pump outside of the fuel tank mostly because I am lazy and it is much easier. Personal menu. 04-$70. Alcohol resistant ID: 1/8" This product is sold by I am planning to replace all of the fuel lines with cloth wrapped hose. Current carb type and size. Question on fuel line size. 3/16" is found on virtually all cars and trucks made in the world. (and 1/4'' return line. Filters come in 1/4" and 5/16" sizes. Holley HP EFI setup. 269” ID 21. 5 because a fiercely-tuned engine will use 1/2 pound of fuel per horsepower per hour. But there is a little more to it than that. Wasn't fuel pump AC 40503 correct for that engine (January pad stamp date) with a 5/16" line? I have no idea about the tank to pump line as I haven't replaced it yet. one with a smaller opening, for the same volume of fluid, the pressure is higher. 1 / 8” . 2001 Suzuki VS 800 Intruder fuel line routing. About 90% of the time we are on a dyno with a car, the fuel system is the limiting factor. This applied only to the M12 and M18 line of products at the time. The vent line should make a loop or 2 around the outside of the tank before plunging through the bottom of the fuselage to keep the siphoning action from spewing fuel out of the vent line. Being a little smaller than the 3/8″ hose, it works great for little kicker motors, and sailboat outboard engines. As far as gasoline deteriorating the copper tubing, I'd say no way is that a The time that the fuel spend in the fuel line (often run close to some very hot object) is proportional to the fuel demand of the engine and the cross-sectional area of the line. If going the bigblock route & over 500/550hp i'd go to 1/2" or -8AN lines. 22" on the fuel pickup assembly on my '98. 5/16 inch should work perfectly, it's 7. The 3 fuel lines should be connected as follows: The (clear) main fuel line with the filter (filter inside the fuel tank) goes to the bottom of the carburetor (or the elbow shaped nipple). 5 in. yes replace all of the lines including the steel lines that are attached to the inside of the frame with marine grade flexible fuel line i use AN fittings size -6 I used an inline filter at the frame lower than the tank with a water seperator snake that line up to yur filter and then replace your return line the same way making sure you keep them well attached so they dont rub leave slack in Hey guys, I've had a fuel smell issue with my daily driver. 99. Pipe E trunk line should be 1-1/4" Pipe F to the water heater and dryer should be 3/4" Pipe G to the Dryer should be 1/2" Pipe H trunk line should be 1" Pipe I to the furnace should be 1" Pipe J, K, and L to the grill should be 1/2" So as you can see adding a 10hp 100 CFH load to the system is difficult. 75 lb/hr/0. 236". Acerbis petcock is 5/16". FUEL tools. 95 Whats the proper fuel line sizes for the tank to pump line (5/16?) and the return line (1/4?). Intending to bend steel line and have a short rubber hose connecter at the tank nipple and pump nipple. FUEL: Which One’s For You? There’s a pretty common misconception that the FUEL and Brushless lineup were pretty much one and the same. The soft vinyl 1/4" was best for me personally. 350/350 car. Note: The AN size number is correctly displayed with a dash before the number. 99 - $70. Also includes 2 primer bulbs, installation/removal tool and operator's manual; 90-days return policy; Learn More about the RYOBI Platform Here I'm getting ready to replace the fuel line in my 70 RR 440 six barrel. 1 / 4” . Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 40 total) 1 2 → Author Posts…Read more → 4AN/6AN/8AN/10AN/12AN Braided Fuel Line CPE Rubber Hose w/ Hose End Fittings Kit. Still cannot find a reference that states one or the other for fuel line size size but some of the material I have read kinda indirectly infers that it is a 1/4". Then -6 from regulator back to tank. 0 GPH 144 GPH 360 GPH 540 GPH. 50 - $32. 76mm). In order to supply fuel in the most efficient way, you'll want to use adequately sized lines (typically 1/2-inch id) and fittings without sharp bends. The second image shows how to cut the line. If you had a V6, the 3/8 line would be required. I have a 1995 F350 7. Having Like everyone has already mentioned you may rethink the size of line you plan on running because in this case bigger isn't always better. 5 divided by 6 X 2 = GPH)" HP X . With such low volume use of the fuel system capacity, return fuel lines are usually inadequately sized. And it’s not completely wrong! In the past, you’d only find brushless technology as part of the FUEL lineup. Head Type and valve size. If the fuel lines are too small (or if there are a lot of restrictive fittings in the system) a larger pump may be required to satisfy the fuel demand of the engine. Jan 1, 2010 #2 The fuel lines are still factory 3/8" & it made peak power at 6800rpm so obviously 3/8" (or -6AN) is good enough for that power level. The short chunk of rubber hose off the sending unit absorbed the size change. Inside the ½” fuel line the fuel would be traveling at 2 ft/second and inside the 3/8″ fuel line just over 3 ft per second. Ethanol dries out fuel line just like alcohol dries out your skin. About the “automotive” fuel line (hose). -10 AN line = 10/16? = 5/8? hard line. The stock carb, petcock, is 5/16. Since the next popular injector size available is 24 lb/hr, this is the correct size injector that you should choose for this particular application. Pricing is offered in single meter lengths. If you had a gauge in the back, it will maintain say 10 psi, but the fuel would be stationary in the line and not be flowing into the regulator/carb. Example of how a loop in the tubing facilitates making this connection on a Novo 1-1/2 HP fuel line where the tank is directly below the carburetor fitting and the fuel pump lever is in line with the carburetor fitting. Post by rewguy » Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:18 pm. 0 GPH 72. Avoid dips in this line so that air may pass freely and prevent any vacuum in the fuel system. Fuel Cell Vent Size: If the fuel cell vent is too small, it can cause excessive load and heat in the pump. Making good progress on rear tank install and need to put in the fuel lines. Fuel pressure lines should be sized to expected capacity and fluid velocity should be kept below 4 FPS to reduce the Reynolds Number which signifies excess turbulence and will result in reduced performance. Re: fuel line size On the '99 I did,most were 6mm,which you would use 1/4" in place of. First, rubber is more resistant to the flow of fuel than any hard line. NEW! PTFE Fuel Line and Fittings May 10, 2020 We are very excited to bring to you this new material being used in fuel delivery systems. It is important to understand the relationship between fuel line size and fuel pressure when planning a fuel delivery system. 76 . Chuck The so-called 3/8" stock line in reality only has an ID of 1/4" through a lot of the line. 99. alejohndro5 0 And you carbed guys need to figure out if your stock fuel line size is large enough for your power goals. Unless you're running a mechanical fuel pump (or similar electric like a Weldon/Magnafuel) and/or dual banks of injectors that could utilize that size of fuel line I'd stick to -8AN lines both feed and return. Hide Illustration. Now with the under hood fuel cell you can easily BLEND your race gas with premium pump gas to get the required fuel octane and MORE CONSISTANT performance and SAVE MONEY. FUEL LINE HOSE. The larger the line, the lower the pressure drop at a given flow rate, and the longer the line, the higher the pressure drop at any flow rate. Size, 3/8 in. The most common fuel line is R6 - Gasoline, but R10 is the only hose that GoodYear makes that is rated for Diesel. " Just like an open garden hose vs. For most applications the factory fuel lines have been able to support around 500 whp. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 11 Home›Forums›Technical – General›Fuel Systems›vr-vs fuel setups This topic contains 39 replies, has 9 voices, and was last updated by LF24 5 years, 11 months ago. Accessories ; Air Location : Inlet And Outlet Notes : Viton gasket material; 16 mm fitting size end 1 and 3/8 in. The longer a fuel line is, the more friction there will be. 70 Save Up to 89% sale Motion Pro Premium 5/16" I. For example, take a –08 AN line. Spectre Chrome 36in X 3/8in Stainless Steel Fuel Line $ 23. Take a guess as to the right size intake line that is required. 0 liter engine 110,000 miles, performance machine coolant filter, 2008 trans. Free In-Store or Curbside Pick Up. with a 720 engine its most likely 1/4'' Really the only ski that uses 5/16'' is the 951. 99 $31. 250" tubing is too large for the barbs under the hood of your ski. Hg for 7/16-inch and smaller inside-diameter sizes (10-in. 1957-72 F100 F250. Fuel Hose & Fuel Line. They are available in male or female ends for 3/8" or 1/2" tubing. Rocker arm quick and accurate valve adjusment vs. The ½” line will result in a ½ pound drop versus the 3 pound drop for the 3/8” line at the stated flow of 83. This and the exceptionally resistance to chemical attack, swelling and permeation of the R9 grade makes this grade ideal for use in the classic car sector. HOLLEY FUEL SYSTEM SELECTION CHART Part Number Compatible up to 18. 5' length, 1/2 " OD Part #: 715B-5-H3. I ran my 65 with the original 5/16" line with a 427 for a while and I had fuel supply issues sometimes. Divided by 6 because fuel weighs about 6 lbs per gallon. 5 ft/sec. D. Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov Fuel line size for E85, is -8AN feed line enough? Discussion in 'Engine/Tuning' started by 04OWwhipple, Jun 12, 2019. I have a bbc in there and am using the stock feed line and was wondering if i should install a larger line. Modern clear tubing the perfect size and fit for your Honda. Problem is the new stuff has a new 25. You can cut a lot of hoses out of a 25′ spool, and don’t have to waste hose since you can cut the length you need for each application. Helps your gas tools work strong all season; Kit includes 5 different fuel lines; Installation tool included; Operator's manual included Premium Blue Fuel Line; 5/16" ID. length Product Fit : Direct Fit Material : Steel Color/Finish : Natural Type : Fuel Line Warranty : 1 year or 12,000-mile Dorman limited warranty Anticipated Ship Out Time : Same day - 1 business day Quantity Sold : Set of 2 Prop 65 Warning : This video provides step-by-step instructions for installing a fuel line kit (replacing the fuel tank grommet, fuel lines, fuel filter, vent line, and vent) 12-09 fuel lines, filters and pressure regulators: 12-09a flexible fuel lines (fuel hoses) and parts Fuel Line Connector Nylon Straight; 5/16 X 5/16 Inch; Outlet End 1 Attachment Method: Quick Disconnect End 1 Fitting Size (in): 5/16 Inch Fuel line size 04-15-2010, 01:11 PM. Podoy Tygon Fuel Line for Compatible with Poulan Weedeater Chainsaw Parts Repower Fuel Line Kit 4 Sizes with Snap in Primer Bulb Zf-1 Fuel Filter Craftman String Trimmer Blower Common 2 Cycle Small 4. The fuel line is on the suction side and the carburator is on the pressure side so you can't compare the two. 2 Posts. Up to *29 gal/hr (110 liter/hr): 1/4" or . I was thinkin on putting an inline fuel filter on so cutting the existing hose and installing the filter was the plan. Share Followers 3. One way is to add a pickup off the side close to the bottom of the tank so it minimises the risk of fuel starvation to the pump. 6L motors, uses a traditional in-tank pump just like the returnless style. Part # 8125. Good luck. The fuel line on my truck has Number 8 fittings for the supply line and Number 10 for the return lines. Discussion Starter • #1 • Sep 16, 2010. It should be noted that fuel lines which feed pressure gauges experience the least amount of loss, as the flow rate through the gauge line plummets to near zero flow levels. From the tank, there is a feed line that runs through the fuel filter and up to the fuel rails, which supplies the injectors with fuel. There are variations to this based on each vehicle and the fuel being used. Find the fuel lines for your Ford model! Hello Everyone. I. This is why gauges typically use 3/16" or 1/4" line size, as they will not affect performance due to pressure loss. As a rule, a 90-degree fitting is equal to So it´s all going to come down to how many small fittings you have, the amount of hard 90 degrees bends and tee´s, # of valves, and the overall length of the fuel feed lines. The return is 1/4" front to rear. I ordered a fuel line and the fuel elbow for a TS400 and also an impulse hose from a Denver Stihl dealer exactly a month ago and I'm still waiting for the 50 cent fuel elbow and impulse hose. The clamps included are also a perfect fit for leak and trouble free running! The smaller size is 3/16"/4. Trans type (OD?) Max Shift RPM. FuelLineSizing. datchew, Sep 3, 2007 #1. Depending on the rubber line, it could withstand pressures of up to 10,000 psi. 6 out of 5 stars 208 Using your automotive hose size, choose from the chart below to find the AN equivalent for hose, hose ends and adapter fittings. 00 for 25 feet (with free shipping). I'm pretty sure stock size is 8mm, though, and many use 5/16", which is almost the same exact size, but which takes a bit of a push onto the petcock. The AN size number is correctly displayed with a dash before the number. F100 61-64 Fuel Line Plumbing Kit Fuel Line Hose & Fitting. This is especially important if the fuel line exits the carb box or case somewhere and depends on the fit to seal. The fuel filter is connected to the end of the pick up line and sits in the bottom the fuel tank. * This carburetor elbow with strainer assembly fits the models listed when they are equipped with a 5/16" outside diameter fuel line. Re: Fuel Line 3/8" vs. 252 square inch area fuel return line size. Russell Braided stainless fuel line kit for Ford small block requires bottom feed fuel pump plate PN 1797 $ 38. 25' Part #: 20-11816. This is why gauges typically use 3/16-inch or 1/4-inch line size, as they will not affect performance due to pressure loss. If you are using pump gas, it most likely has ethanol in it. 70 $10. –10 AN Port and Fitting thread is: 7/8? -14 TPI. Never had a problem with it and ran it that way for four years. cooling properties of said line; thank you for thinking of me anyways. with M14X1. Vanagon fuel line replacement should be your number one priority, especially if you have a newly acquired van or if the age of the lines is unknown. Use Fuel line size 04-15-2010, 01:11 PM. 04-$70. Perfectly matched components, in a system perfect for your application, ensures the best possible fuel system for your engine and the longest life-span possible for that fuel system. 5). petcock size Reply #12 on: April 29, 2014, 07:58:38 pm If the hose from the fuel cock first goes down and then has to go upward over something like the head steady and then down to the carb, any air bubble in the high area of the line will continue to rest at the high point of the tube. from the pump to the carb. Rubber lines are best used when your high performance vehicle needs a hose to be routed in a difficult place. Rubber line hose ends may be swagged or crimped onto the rubber line. 5 pounds of fuel to make 1 HP for a naturally aspirated motor and . We’ve engineered our fuel line hoses at the cutting-edge of fuel-efficient, environmentally-safe design, so your engine will perform with superior power. NEW GENUINE M41360. 6AN Up to 700 HP: 1/2" or . Sure, replacing your engine oil is important, but if you're overdue it won't end with your entire van on fire! sale Black Neoprene 1/4" Fuel Line $26. Click an image below for more information. 1/4" brake line is most frequently found in short pieces between the master cylinder and ABS pump, the long run to the rear of full sized cars, trucks and hydraulic clutch lines. May 05, 2018 | 2001 Suzuki VS 800 Intruder. I have to admit that on the S10 drag truck The Beast II I used 1/2" tubing for the fuel line from the gas tank to a bracket I welded to the frame. Get replacement fuel lines for your Ford F150. The idea is to size the entire system to match the capability of the pump in order to maximize efficiency. The tank is commonly connected directly to the fuel pump in the burner assembly of the furnace. If you're not going for the correct look on the fuel pump with that repairable style shown, you might as well do 3/8" because it's easier to find a pump with 3/8" fittings than 5/16". Length, Ford. The initial vac line + check valve content starts in post #2. Fuel Line - 3 Ft $21. Sales & Orders: Toni, Shannon, Mike . from the tank to the pump. mandrel-bent fittings are less restrictive than the less expensive cast ones. Over time, the connectors can fail, causing fuel to leak. Remove the low pressure fuel pump inlet line from the fuel filter module and the low pressure flange. 5/16 fuel line vs 3/8. e. 62 mm ID does any one know these sizes for sure? Thanks in advance. Fuel line size is based on flow required by the horsepower requirements. 6 to allow for a little extra fuel. ( 1 ) For correct size fuel line, #1 I wanted all my lines to be same size, #2 wanted all to be translucent, #3 wanted high flexibility for curves but mostly to stretch over a fat nipple and still slide on snug to most things. This is why gauges typically use 3/16″ or 1/4″ line size, as they will not affect performance due to pressure loss. AN lines, ORB ports, and the appropriate port adapter fittings are measured in inch/fractional sizes. Joined: It should be 3/8ths. The LS style fuel rail has a 3/8″ input line and a 5/16″ return line. VS plus others EFI fuel hose size is 730mm long zoom in and see pics with the ends. Installing a filter can also help you to easily adapt one fuel line size to another. SKU # 414611 $ 38. State-of-the-art computer-driven CNC tube benders can match bends from blueprints of your Mustangs original lines. Will this be enough fuel feed for the Sniper using only 1 fuel inlet if the unit was to be maxed out? Option B: -10 feed line to Sniper 1250 blow-through fuel line size. 1986-1997 Ford Bronco and F-Series Truck Nylon Fuel Line Connector Repair Kit 5/16 Straight W/Union: New 1986-96 Ford Bronco 1986-96 Ford F150, F250, F350 As a supplement to the commercial Pro's gas powered string trimmer, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel String Trimmer really does quite well. Our most popular fuel pump we sell is the 4 series fuel pump assembly. Keep in mind these machines are made in JAPAN. " As long as one end of the hose is open, I see your point, but once the brake pedal is depressed and the fluid is static, the pressure is everywhere the same regardless of line size. 99 sale Helix Racing 5/16" X 7/16" Translucent Fuel Line $7. 4AN Up to 500 HP: 3/8" or . There are sections of metal hard line and sections of rubber or nylon for flex. I forgot: Thermoid hose is (relatively) cheap @ $17. Part Number: RNB-800-054. Would there be any advantage or disadvantage to using a Fuel Lines, Filters, Regulators & Fittings Tanks Inc carries a variety of -6AN fuel lines, fittings, regulators and filters to help you plumb your ride. The size of the fuel line is determined by the outside diameter. So today I am going to provide you with a comparison flow data of -6 AN VS -8 AN. flow rate vs. 6 GPH 43. Where hard lines meet flexible lines, there is often a crimped metal flange. High performance applications and racers using alcohol will use 1/2-inch (AN 8) fuel line. I bought 25ft of R10 from my local AutoZone and it cost me like $58. This is due to the lower carbed pressure requirements, where any return line restriction can cause an increase in fuel pressure. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. The minimum fuel line size (from the pump to the regulator) is dependent on the horsepower output of the engine (and/or Nitrous system) regardless of the size of the pump. -8: 650-1,000 hp: 5/8 in. This time, we will shoot for the middle velocity of 3 feet per second. Your engine will run fine on either 5/16 or 3/8 line. 3208 . The fuel oil for an oil furnace is stored in a fuel supply tank. On the Malibu mentioned earlier, the carb had a 3/8 fuel inlet while the rest of the car was plumbed with 5/16. 8AN Up to 1200 HP: 5/8" or . Ethanol Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel; ID 1/4" Length 25' OD 15/32" Stens Fuel Line Kit. Normally a Im building a fuel filter setup and need to know what size the rubber SUPPLY line at the pont between the hardline on the frame and the factory filter housing is - 06' 3500. O. Size : 6AN AN6: Payments. Let's explore the differences between Milwaukee brushless vs. Some muscle cars and trucks came with return-style mechanical pump fuel systems, but these are not the norm for older vehicles; most were dead-head systems, meaning that the fuel simply stops at the pump until it is sent on to the engine. Thread Navigation Installation of Major Vac System Parts 2002 Details + Part Numbers for Vac + Vent System Boost Leak Test Emissions Readiness Test Throttle Body Alignment/Reset Other fuel pump companies may rate their fuel pumps at a given psi. This fuel hose is just what you need to replace the old worn and cracked stock fuel lines. The most common reason for replacing To make a long story short, the 6 cylinder Chevrolets of that era had a 5/16" fuel line, while the eights had a 3/8" line. metric vs standard fuel line fitment. 3. expensive service and additional adjustment. #6 • Sep 1, 2012 Typically fuel injected applications use 1 size smaller on the return than the supply, whereas carbed applications typically use the same size. Generally, we use <10 ft/sec for water and <8 ft/sec for gasoline, so you are doing just fine with either 3/8 or 5/16". 2 GPH 108 GPH 162 GPH. Gear Ratio. -10 Yes the pressure drop thru a ½” line is a nominal 5 feet versus 35 feet for the 3/8” id fuel line. Fuel line size. We test ever customer's fuel most is in the 12% range, have seen 14-15%. The weight is not overbearing, the noise level is kept down, the 9. We have done our homework and partnered with our manufacturer to bring you the best product at an incredible price. This is based on the recommended line size for the pump. Thru a simple 3/8" fuel line. To measure for sure, take an open end wrench and try to slide the open end over the tube. 493” ID 72. The direct port intake that we are using for comparison flow data has . The (clear) fuel intake line runs from the top of the carburetor (straight nipple) and goes to the short post on the back of the primer bulb. Position the fuel suction line to remove fuel from a point about 2” (5. Options Clear Categories. Inches of Manifold vacuum with idle timing set at 30* with or without Vac line A 350 2bbl car will probably have a 5/16" fuel line. We will only accept PayPal as the method of Return line to fuel cell should be as far as possible from the pick up line fitting. 99 - $28. A #6 (3/8") line size is sufficient for all street performance applications and some racing applications. clear fuel line 13/64 in. Re: Informative Mallory Fuel Pump & Fuel Line Size Suggestions by HP !!! LOOK AT THEIR MATH! They say "(HP X . #8 (1/2") fuel lines are used on everything else, including alcohol applications. " Just like an open garden hose vs. The fuel line, along with the other parts of a fuel system, are responsible for delivering the fuel from the fuel cell into the carburetor. Please use the images below to help in the routing of the fuel line. January 25, 2019; Road Runner Performance ; Over the last few years, you may have noticed that fuel line doesn’t last like it used to. Thats the way my 69 RT Charger 440 is set up it has 5/16 fuel line with a 1/4 return line and has a 3/8 sized sending unit. Our assortment of quality fuel line options includes everything from bulk rubber hose, stainless braided, cloth braided, steel and aluminum hardlines and more! If the fuel lines are too small (or if there are a lot of restrictive fittings in the system) a larger pump may be required to satisfy the fuel demand of the engine. I. These assemblies use a Walbro 255 lph fuel pump. We get it. Relatively recent experience. You only want to do this job once. The pressure drop at 1320 HP thru a 3/8” steel line might be around 5 psi. 35mm), and 3/16" is too small (4. Modern, high performance fuel systems are predominately fitted with 3/8" line will actually handle alot more than 400hp, closer to 600 or so as i recall. For example an AN size 2 designates a tube OD of 1/8” (2 x 1/16”), the tube OD of AN size 3 is 3/16” (3 x 1/16”). I measured . Helps your gas tools work strong all season; Kit includes 5 different fuel lines; Installation tool included; Operator's manual included Fuel Line: Up to 250HP = 5/16" or -04 AN; Up to 375HP = 3/8" or -06 AN; Up to 550HP = 1/2" or -08 AN; Up to 800HP = 5/8" or -10 AN ; Up to 1200HP = 3/4" or -12 AN ; Injector Size: The general rule of thumb is that it takes about . I'm Example of how a loop in the tubing facilitates making this connection on a Novo 1-1/2 HP fuel line where the tank is directly below the carburetor fitting and the fuel pump lever is in line with the carburetor fitting. I'm upgrading my rigging and bought new fuel line from the primer bulb to motor (150 OX66). 95 Save Up to 14% sale Motion Pro Clear Vinyl Fuel Line $13. Keep your gas powered equipment running smoothly with our replacement Fuel Line Kit. O. The Fuel Line that carries fuel from the tank to the carburetor and from the primer bulb to the fuel system (Part Number 530069247) is 25 inches. The fuel line was replaced years ago with non factory lines. x 3/32 in. Over head belt. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Unlikely you should need to reprime the fuel hose bulb during the same day of operation. 5V Holley Recommendations for Peak Performance Holley Recommendations for Peak Performance Max HP* Pump Fitting Size Minimum Recommended Line Size Fuel Filter (Carbureted) Fuel Filter (Fuel injected) This was due to reformulated fuel (with 10 percent ethanol) attacking the rubber line, dying it out, and causing a massive leak when we turned the fuel pump was turned on. In the case of tubes and hoses used to carry fluid, “AN Size” designates the outer diameter of the hose or tubing in sixteenth-inch increments. The hoses are compatible with many fuels such as av gas, bio diesel, diesel, gasoline and jet fuel, and are available in a diverse range of pressures, sizes The return line must have limited or NO pressure in it. Auto-Crimp; Auto-Fit; Auto-Mate; Power Steering; Speed Seal; Super Stock; Swivel Seal; Ultra Flex 650 Pack Size: ea; Qty / Unit: 1; Specs. The 1/4" = . If it idles more than a few hours the Genisys controller goes into lockout due to a Jun 9, 2014 - This thread has grown quite a bit so post #1 will be used as an executive summary + nav. For example if using E85, which requires 30% more fuel to reach stoic conditions, you would need to size the fuel lines even larger. $30. fitting 3/8" hose end with 5/8"-18 inverted flare fitting. About Us. 99. The diameter and length of the line must be considered to deliver fuel at the correct pressure and rate. -5: 350-450 hp: 3/8 in. Once you have the correct amount in the tank cut the end of the fuel line square and install the fuel filter. The minimum fuel line size (from the pump to the regulator) is dependent on the horsepower output of the engine (and/or Nitrous system) regardless of the size of the pump. Recommended Fuel Line Size (from the tank to the pump) Engine Output: Size (inches) Size (AN) 350 hp or less: 5/16 in. Using our 25-902 fuel filter as an example lets see how the filter fitting size and line size relates to flow. Use these ratings to decide your return line sizing based upon fuel pump output: Up to 45GPH = 5/16" or -04 AN; Up to 90GPH = 3/8" or -06 AN As soon as we run out it's going to be nothing but the real stuff, will still buy most sizes from Oregon but make sure it is the EPA compliant, ethanol resisitant, as we don't want customers coming back pizzed, because their fuel lines need replaced again. It is important to have the right size so the vehicle operates efficiently. Today, I took the car to our little 400 foot race track and the new 521 just falls on its face after about 3 or 4 seconds. 85 = 22. Members #1 · July 6, 2020, 1:51 am I have a 30002 (600HP) system and just purchased the 50001 fuel delivery What size fuel line did the 73 camaro come with. 6 pounds for a Turbo motor. This is based on me swapping a stock 5. So pay careful attention to it. Sizing Supply and Return Lines Properly . These stainless steel Mustang fuel lines won't rust and deteriorate like your factory lines. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 17 of 17 Posts. Jerry From silicon to hard plastic, Bel-Metric has hoses in stock and available in a variety of materials. FYI: Popular fuel line sizes: -6AN (=3/8" OD)-8AN (=1/2" OD)-10AN (=5/8" OD)-12AN (=3/4" OD) Use of -3AN and -4AN line: Obviously, the difference between the two fuel lines is one is smaller than the other. Fortunately I ordered an AM old style TS400 fuel line from China on 7/16/13 and it was here in 10 days so The fuel line is the part of the fuel system that allows fuel to be delivered from the fuel tank to the engine. Fuel Line Size for Dual Pump Systems We suggest -8 feed and return in any dual pump setup, simply because there is no measurable benefit to running a -10 feed with any dual pump fuel system. After a lot of research about rubber lines vs the new PTFE lines I came to conclusion that I'm going to replace my rubber fuel lines in my Camaro! I thought I would educate you all so we can discuss this. The pump has to suck fuel up the line and once your positive suction head drops sufficiently, you start boiling the fluid in the line and you 'max out' your line capacity. Easy access Shim & Bucket vs. Fuel rails are -8, so I'll run a -8 from Y-fitting to rails and to regulator. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Jun 12, 2019 #1. I get 5 and 7. Milwaukee M18 Brushless vs. These fuel lines are for models 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1996. It was for the most part in good shape, but it showed somewhat stretched I suppose. 5V Application Fuel Compatibility GPH Flow at Rated PSI and 13. One source of pressure loss is friction. So, this is why fuel supply lines must be large, and the longer the lines get, requiring more fittings, valves, manifolds, etc. Pressure Drop. x 8mm (5/16") O. Dennis Kirk carries more fuel lines, filters & fittings than any other aftermarket vendor and we have them all at the lowest guaranteed prices. Where do I install reducer? At the Y-fitting going into rails or coming out of pump. 1 cm Sierra 18-8051 Double Fuel Line Assembly for Johnson, Evinrude Sierra 18-8051 is a replacement fuel line assembly for use with OMC, Johnson, and Evinrude engines. D. My 3 year old Carrier forced hot air furnace with a Beckett NX burner has been locking out due to bad ignition. Line size does become an issue on the carburated engines that run low pressure fuel pumps but there is a huge difference between a 6 psi and a 43 psi system that increases pressure with boost to perhaps 75 psi at high boost. 3AN What fuel line size?? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. Then originally was 5/16ths. 5mm x5mm Replacement for Poulan Craftman Chainsaw String Trimmer Blower Common 2 Cycle Small Engine, 24 Feet Petrol Fuel Line Hose 4. 5 swivel nuts at both ends. 0 amp hour battery offers a decent fuel capacity for this class, and there's enough power for virtually all maintenance and overgrown grass cutting. Vapor lock virtually always occurs during city driving (low fuel demand); thus increasing the line size CAN create a vapor lock problem in a vehicle that would not This way the fuel line is protected from the sticks, rocks, and other nasty stuff that could rip a line in two. In Line 4 vs V6 block for compact, lighter, design can be mounted on 26" center without contact. fuel line for a short run from hard line to hard line. fitting size end 2; Male O-ring - M16-1. One glaring mismatch is the popularity of 5/16" (8mm) fuel hose on automobiles. Fits most RYOBI, Homelite and Toro Trimmers and Blowers. We’ve created three abbreviated charts pulled from Aeromotive’s data. For example: a 3/8" standard hose equals -6 AN. 6 out of 5 stars 122 Line Size vs. She was leaking fuel something fierce and it was all but impossible to identify where it was coming from (past owner did a LOT of mudding and there was 2 inches of dirt in the valley. 0L and early 4. My question is, what size line for the six pack engine. The number after the dash refers to the number of sixteenths of an inch the line size is. Yes, you can do this and I have myself a few times. The only thing we will change when swapping to an 8AN feed line is the Y and the feed line. Length: 5' Size: 5/16" ID So, to figure out what size fuel injector will result in an 85% duty cycle, divide the original result by 0. Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm in a difficult spot. Carbureted buses use 5. Discussion in 'The Garage' started by datchew, Sep 3, 2007. 0 Answers 1995 Suzuki VS 1400 Intruder fuel pump and relay location. An electric pump at the tank or a mechanical pump at the engine makes a difference also because one pushes the fuel and one pulls the fuel through the same 5/16" line. replaced fuel lines with 8mm diesel hose. I would think as long as the line can handle the pressure and volume of fuel they should work. ent. Tel-Aviv, Israel. By alejohndro5, August 8, 2013 in Fuel Delivery. Car weight. The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines a fuel line as "all hoses or tubing designed to contain liquid fuel or fuel vapor. 1 lb/hr requirement. This system is designed for 1997 to early 2003 C5s with the pump and fuel lines you can use this line from your sub tank to the petcock then to the filter then to the fuel pump then to the carbs will fit the years 1986-current models vs 700-750-800-1400 , i do combine ship cost to save on ship. That work continues today through Holley’s market-leading EFI products as well as through Holley’s family of best-in-industry brands. Those two sizes sound correct. Replace your worn out or broken line to get back to work. Does anyone know what size fuel line is used to go from the fuel rail to the injectors on a 77 280Z? Also, are the lines connecting various parts of the fuel rail together the same size? If anyone can reccomend an alternative to the thick, black fuel hose with braided belts in it, I'd love to hear it. Problem is the new stuff has a new Re: 6mm fuel line- Hard to find. Recently, Milwaukee released a compact line of brushless tools separate from the extreme-performance FUEL lineup. AN line sizes will have a dash (-) preceding the line size. 00. Free In-Store Alkydigger 307 White Bridge Pike Nashville, TN 37209 . 187 fuel solenoids feeding SBT nozzles. Choose high quality Mustang fuel lines from Classic Tube for a seamless fuel system repair in your 1979-1993, 1994-1998, or 1999-2004 Mustang! Fuel Injected buses use 7mm high pressure fuel line exclusively. Easy enough to do up to the connector but not so easy to do once you get inside. Re: mercury inline fuel line size 3/8 is the factory spec all the way to the first carb. Offset Drive shaft = Better balance; Self adjusting timing chain vs. D. We Kit includes the following fuel lines: 7 in. Your model does not use the fuel line fittings shown in the image. My argument is not about going with a -8 line instead of -6, it was as a counter point to your original statement that return line size will not make a impact. This will be very close. Reviving an old thread here - but 6mm fuel line IS what your ski came factory with. I then ran heavy duty rubber fuel line to the fuel pump. Fuel Return Line Size and Installation When using a Return Style Fuel Pressure Regulator , it must be able to return 100% of the fuel back to the tank. D. 3 (desired velocity) = 3 = . The return style fuel system, used in the pushrod 5. However, selecting a -10 feed is a good choice if you're planning to possibly upgrade to a triple pump system later (via our triple pump upgrade program). They have the crimped ends on the line. Man I'm frustrated with Stihl molded fuel lines. For OMC Pressurized Systems. Convertor stall. Avoid using rubber fuel lines, or use them sparingly, for two reasons. On the subject of your 5/16" line at your pump hanger, just remember that the smallect diameter orifice in the line will be the flow restriction. They look to have about a . I Fuel line size vs. . Snowmobile Fuel Line, Fuel Filters & Vacuum Lines Best selection and great deals on snowmobile fuel line, filters & vacuum lines. 99. : Briggs & Stratton 792020, Oregon 07-067, Stens 115-010; Size: 25' roll Fuel Line Replacement. albow77 · Registered. What size line do I use? 1973 CJ5 with AMC 304 V8. It is manufactured using high-quality materials, to the same specifications as the original part. Note: black braided hose is for vacuum and gray braided hose is for contact with fluids. Tech Questions returned when time permits Thank you for your question in regards to your unit (Model Number 358350370). pan and filter, coolant flushed and rotella ELC. Fuel Pump Brand and Size. datchew Don't buy from Brad. Luckily, we caught the leak and replaced all the fuel line before it caused a major fire. so its not the same size hose all around it gets smaller. Ever wonder by that 1/4" tube doesn't fit the barbs very well? 6mm = . Its kind of an odd ball setup if you ask me. Milwaukee is famous for its lines of M12™ 12-volt and M18™ 18-volt FUEL™ cordless tools that use REDLITHIUM® battery and brushless motor technology. Personally, I'd multiply by . 364” ID 36. 1975 - 1979 Firebird and Trans Am Fuel Return Line Tank to Pump 1/4" RH Routing 3 pieces, Pontiac V8, Stainless Steel PART NUMBER: FUE-2180S Our Price: $99. Filter types and location in fuel system. Neoprene fuel line. Drag illustration to view more parts. 10 AM - 5 PM M-F CST Closed Weekends . 27. The return fuel line from the diesel generator tank should enter the top of the tank and contain no shut-off valves. SELECT STORE. Conveniently, the C10 also used the same size lines for it’s mechanical fuel pump setup, and also had an additional line for an EVAP canister. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. How much power can -8 line support? How much can -10 support? Just curious what peoples Recommended Fuel Line Size. Fuel line only has one job, but it is an important job; to carry the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. Fuel Filter Fuel Lines ECU Fuel Pressure System Voltage Fuel Surge Tanks If any part of the fuel system is not adequate, you are just asking for problems. On VS three-filter fuel system only, remove and discard the P-clip bolt securing the amplifier line to the fuel filter module. TooLy. Fuel line size is an essential factor for marine diesel engines. The engine is a mildly modified 289 opened up to about 310 cubes (302 crank, . I just measured and it looks like two sizes one for all of the supply side and another size for all of the return lines. The Fuel Return Line should be at least the same size, or one size larger than the supply. Even manufacturers specializing in AN-style fittings strictly for motorsports tend to skip over the 5AN size for the most part. Chainsaw fuel lines are typically clear plastic tubing. ALUMINUM FUEL LINE ADAPTERS Connects 3/8" or 1/2" aluminum tube to -6 AN or -8 AN adapters. Fuel Line Connector, Quick Connect, 5/16 in. 99 $30. D. 5mm fuel line in most places, a 7mm line from the tank to the filter on 68-71 models and to the fuel pump on 72-74 models (dual carbs with mechanical fuel pump). 060 over) with large valve ported heads, single plane intake and 600 cfm Holley. The outlet tube of the petcock is just over 9mm, which is a bit less than 3/8". At 5/16" tube, you're up around 2. 70 Save Up to 90% sale Black Neoprene 5/16" Fuel Line $26. Special sells Model:RNTFL-36-4X8HP-M14/14-KIT6 In a set of 6 lines This video provides step-by-step repair instructions for replacing the fuel line on a Briggs and Stratton small engine. Buy the good fuel injection hose as it will not break down as easily as regular fuel line hose. 85: 18. Our filter tests showed that in stock based applications with OE fittings and fuel lines in the 3/8 range the fitting and line size was the determining factor for flow. The vent line only has to hang in the tank about a 1/2 inch. * Please check the fuel line size before ordering* 1/8" male… The fuel line connector attaches the flexible fuel lines to the fuel pump, fuel filter, and other related fuel system components. Hg for ½-inch diameter hose). 10 Ft/Sec. In most cases, the minimum return line size will match that of the supply line, but a larger return line is sometimes preferred. Joined Jul 13, 2004 · 43 Posts . Keep your gas powered equipment running smoothly with our replacement Fuel Line Kit. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Fuel Return Line. as i recall 5/16" line will handle about 400hp before you start having starvation issues at the top end. D. we were making around 800hp. Fuel Line - 3 Ft Fuel Pump Future When asked what the future holds for the Carter mechanical fuel pump line, Richardson replies, "The last new Pontiac to use a mechanical pump was produced in the early '80s. Giant Scale Planes Gas Engines Question DLE 30 fuel line size ? Thread Tools: 11-18-2013, 03:46 PM #1; TooLy. All the fuel fittings and lines are 5/16". 4 Ft/Sec. Menu. 3L coupe yesterday. I don't have access to my truck today so I just want to pick up the right size line today so that I can replace the passenger side tomorrow. It should be noted that fuel lines which feed pressure gauges experience the least amount of loss, as the flow rate through the gauge line plummets to near zero flow levels. That stuff always dried out and split, which is why so many bugs caught fire. Siroadrnr · Registered. Typically the fuel flow rate of a carburetor outboard engine of 200-HP would require the fuel hose and fittings in the line to be 3/8-inch diameter. I'm upgrading my rigging and bought new fuel line from the primer bulb to motor (150 OX66). The new E-10 rated fuel lines are larger in diameter making it difficult to route them without interfereing with linkage. Replacing the line from the tank forward with the proper 3/8" line improved the performance on the sedan to a bit better than the hardtop. 5 fitting attachment end 1; Male O-ring fuel line connector design; 18 in. Return Line size based on fuel pump output •Up to 45 GPH = 5/16" or -04 AN •Up to 90 GPH = 3/8" or -06 AN •Up to 250 GPH = 1/2" or -08 AN •Up to 450 GPH = 5/8" or -10 AN •Up to 900 GPH = 3/4"or -12 AN It should be noted that fuel lines which feed pressure gauges experience the least amount of loss, as the flow rate through the gauge line plummets to near zero flow levels. Build the fuel system with enough capacity for your horsepower goals. 5 fitting attachment end 1; Male O-ring fuel line connector design; 18 in. Completing the measurement is simple and takes relatively few tools. They are also easier to replace if you are out on the track. A fuel line is a hose or pipe used to transfer fuel from one point in a vehicle to another. Red Max 1/4" Carb Approved Fuel Line. Discard the low pressure fuel pump inlet line. using the regular fuel line. Pipe/Fitting Size 2 Ft/Sec. Vac lines are smaller. I. Joined Mar 14, 2016 · 4 Posts . Billet Fuel Line Kits; Carb Specialty Adapters; Check Valves; Distribution Blocks; Filters; Fuel Line Replacement Hose Ends & Kits; Gauges & Gauge Adapters; Quick Disconnect Fittings; Shut Off Valves; Staubli Dry Break Couplers; Hose Ends. Line Diameter, Nylon, Black, 18 in. –12 AN Port and Fitting thread is: 1-1/16?-12 TPI. 0 GPH 180 GPH 270 GPH. x 3/32 in. Beside this, what size are fuel lines? Most stock applications came with 5/16-inch fuel line, but for many street vehicles and mild race applications 3/8-inch (AN 6) fuel line is a good upgrade. 94 mm and is easier to get. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. -12 AN line = 12/16? = 3/4? hard line. Assuming this supercharged Coyote will be used on the street with a fuel cell in the rear of a long wheelbase car, it’s not unusual to see a 15-foot length of fuel line between the fuel cell and the engine. PART# 34-22 Be the first to write a review well what happened was i did a dual feed rail and at the end is a -6 fitting so i have to hook up a -6 fuel line to that, so what i did was i put a reducer between the two so i can attach the fuel line to it. Replace your worn out or broken line to get back to work. fitting size end 2; Male O-ring - M16-1. 0 fuel system into a 2. For example the Walbro fuel pumps that we sell are rated at 40 psi. If you don't want to get fuel line that's a little too big or too small, this size is just right for the stock petcocks on many of the 60's, 70's and 80's Honda's. OEM Replacement This part is aftermarket equipment designed to replace the original manufacturer's part numbers specified here. Dorman 800-054 - Dorman Fuel Line Connectors. Most chainsaws have two fuel lines -- one that feeds fuel into the carburetor and a return tube that allows unused fuel to Pre-Bent Fuel Lines; Pre-Bent Fuel Lines. Re: fuel line vs. Fuel systems can be incorrectly designed if the pressure loss attributed to the length of the fuel lines isn’t taken into account. I guess what I'm getting at is if tranny cooler line is actually better for a flexible fuel line (when necessary) vs. 99 - $52. 36 GPM X . 157") I. For over a century Holley has driven the cutting edge of fuel-system design. Fits most RYOBI, Homelite and Toro Trimmers and Blowers. This of course requires two sets of fuel lines: a 3/8-inch line for the feed and a 5/16-inch line for the return. Head flow if possible. SKU # 723225 $ 23. That said, would it be better to use tranny cooler line vs. VHunter · Registered. I think air is getting into the fuel line. Before you start your engines, equip them with Gates fuel hoses. Fitting Chrome Universal 90 deg. " As long as one end of the hose is open, I see your point, but once the brake pedal is depressed and the fluid is static, the pressure is everywhere the same regardless of line size. Registered User. Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 27, 2010. -6AN fuel line (3/8"): many fittings have an ID almost as small as 1/4" so -6AN isn't much improvement over stock. -6: 450-650 hp: 1/2 in. About to replace my 3/8 copper oil furnace supply line. The vapor return line is from front to rear: (from the 1/4" outlet on the vapor seperator) rubber 1/4" hose; 1/4" stainless steel tank-to-pump fuel line; rubber 1/4" hose; sending unit 1/4" vapor return inlet. Remember, if you run a 1/2 line to the front, the pump has to overcome the additional weight of the fuel when the car launches. 95 Save Up to 17% sale Helix Racing 5/16" X 7/16" Colored Fuel Line $8. Likewise, is 6an the same as 3 8? It is important to understand the relationship between fuel line size and fuel pressure when planning a fuel delivery system. 5mm,3mm x6mm, 3mm x5mm,2. vs fuel line size