2 meter moxon antenna plans For example, Hiroaki Kogure, "Antenna design using PC," CQ Publishing, April 15, 1998, and Matsuda-san JA1WXB "Theory and experience of antenna simulation," Ham Journal No. Steve's design included using pvc pipe for his 2 element, 6 meter beam, and his 3 element, two meter beam. It needs a balun transformer 2. 10/11 Meter 4 Element Hybrid Moxon Rectangle Materials: 3/ 10 foot lengths of 1/2" schedule 40 electrical conduit 13 fiberglass rods or 6 non conductive poles for each end of spreaders 2 mm/12awg bare copper wire solid zip ties nylon chord duct tape 6 u bolts 6 SS hose clamps (smallest you can find) A moxon is a driven element and a director or reflector, I forget which, with the ends bent in towards each other to make it shorter. I made a similar antenna a few years ago, but it was pretty fragile and large (obnoxious to store), and I never had any luck working sats with it. z z. 15 mtr. Paul shows us how to design, build, and use this antenna with a simple, step by step procedure. The design from QST was altered to eliminate instability in matching to a 50 ohm transmission line. Theoritically the antenna has about 10dBi gain in its main lobe and a good Front-to-Back ratio, a perfect substitute if you don’t have means to get the popular V24 Silverthunder antenna. I am Amazed. The dipole ends are close but do not meet, and may have an air capacitor between them to adjust the antenna's resonant frequency. 67MHz. Antenna SWR on 2 Meters 40-meter-mini-moxon-beam-antenna-at-w7xa-ham-radio 2/3 Downloaded from pluto2. For instance a hypercardioid design has optimal gain, while a supercardioid has the best F/B-ratio. Moxon Rectangles for 6 Meters. The difference in the calculated values of a 1/4 wave length antenna at 50MHz vs. The HB9CV antenna is smaler than a 3el. 5. Element span is a compact 7 feet on a 34 boom with turning radius of under 4 . I started with two 10-foot sections of PVC, one 2-inches and the other 1-1/2 inches. Unlike the Yagi which has deep nulls to the sides, the Rectangle has it’s nulls to the rear. Many RASON members truly enjoyed last month's collinear antenna. 50 Read more MOXON 2 ELEMENT BEAM. John's design, a 17 meter Moxon, was built and tested with good results using this same technique. The Elusive Moxon Nest. The 70 cm phasing line is 5-1/2" (13. So I read back in the blog and decided to make a mark 2 version. I originally used this antenna to reach a repeater about 33-miles north of the redoubt using my 5-watt BaoFeng radio with ease. (a little hard to measure) Raised to 14 meters again worse and a frequency decrease of approx 100 kHz. I was intrigued. 1 dBd). According to Moxon , because of the very high impedance (i. The Moxon antenna is popular with amateur radio enthusiasts for its simplicity of construction. Part list: 1 - PVC pipe 1-2" in diameter and 12" or so long. Moxon 6 Meter 2 Element Beam Plans. com on March 22, 2021 by guest Microtechnology for Cell Manipulation and Sorting-Wonhee Lee 2016-10-05 This book delves into the recent developments in the microscale and microfluidic technologies that allow manipulation at the single and cell aggregate level. This makes for an excellent FPV antenna. Part 2: Vertically Stacking Vertically Oriented Rectangles. 90m overall for the antenna. . , 8 holes dimension 1-1/2" 2-5/16" o o design tested, kg4jjh moxon rectangle 6 meter beam boom to mast mounting plate baker baker 06/23/03 07/04/03 boom to mast mounting plate material; 3" x 1. Free-space modeling of the antenna design shows that on 15 meters, the drive provides a double-humped current distribution, with a high reflector current on the 15-meter element. 2-meter Moxon prototype uses 3/16-inch diameter rod, while the 435 MHz version uses #12 AWG wire with a nominal 0. A halo antenna, or halo, is a 1 ⁄ 2 wavelength dipole antenna, which has been bent into a circle with an electrical break directly opposite the feed point. Small is a relative term, a 20 meter Vertical Moxon is indeed a big antenna. John Simpson, KG4ZOW Download source code for this program Moxon algorithm and diagram are from http://www. All you need is two rabbit ear antennas from Radio Shack, two CATV baluns, four feet of 3/4 CPVC pipe with one tee. Your 54 MHz. Doublet – Multi-band antenna that is not resonant on a particular band. 3 dBi forward gain and 30 dB of in This rugged close-spaced 2-element Yagi has a driven element and reflector with the tips folded toward each other to minimize turning radius. £ 104. £ 115. His version of the Moxon dual-element 6-meter beam looks great. 5 ZUMspot RPi Nextion 3. Building a Moxon Antenna. The pattern of left is for a two-element 20-meter quad 35 feet high (1/2 wave high). In terms of cutting long and trimming, you might do that for the driven element but it's best to cut the reflector to the design length as it's harder to tune that correctly in the field. The antenna is designed to be fed with parallel transmission line and to be matched by a balanced antenna tuning unit. I built it from plans in the May 2003 issue of QST magazine. 4 MHz One of the design objectives was an easy installation and disinstallation, this because the observatory is left unattended when no observations are scheduled. So let's see how to adapt the design to 2 meters (as a popular band choice) and also see a few of the uses to which we may effectively put the design. It takes its name from the amateur radio operator Les Moxon (amateur radio call sign G6XN) Les A. features and is used by antenna design professionals. 600 MHz) Dimensions 4,0 * 1,5 meter, weight about 1,5kg, gain 5,87dBi. Covers 141. This antenna might be the smallest 2 element antenna with a turning radius less then 1. Thank you. 2 / 440 surprise! 2 / 440 vertical. 5 MHz. Monoband Beams for 12 and 17 Meters I designed a pair of driver-director Yagis for 12 and 17 meters using antenna-modeling software, in this case, NEC-4. B. . cebik. 40 Meter Moxon Rectangle VSWR less than 1. 6 Meter Beam Plans July 27, 2019 - by Arfan - Leave a Comment 2 meter beam antenna plans drone fest building the 6 meter moxon antenna homebrew 5 element vhf yagi nt1k 6 meter band moxon style two element 2 m 70 cm dual band yagi 2M Moxon Antenna Project – Montgomery County ARES 2008 Use the Moxon Program to design the antenna. The moxon has deeper side nulls, but they are at different angles than those of the quad. 2 meter Low noise antenna 9 elements. The elements are loaded Capacitively which shortens the overall length while still maintaining a good gain, F/R across the 40M band. 0-7. 50 Read more MOXON 2 ELEMENT BEAM. Despite numerous obstacles like tall buildings, this antenna gives amazing results even on 17 and 15 meters using an ATU. 5DBd. Duoband yagi ultralight 2m 70cm 5 8 element on point the yagi antenna aday 8 element 2 meter low noise wideband antenna 144 146 mhz building 2 meter vertical moxon. slim jim antenna (basic design) 2 meter copper tubing Building a Simple Top Band/80/40 Meter Antenna Having the FTDX9000D has made me want to experiment when it comes to antennas, I want to explore the possibilities of the radio and so to do this properly I need antenna coverage of all bands. It is a 2-element beam that resembles a rectangle, is easy to build, and is forgiving in dimensions for a given band. 6 Fastening of the Antenna • The antenna may be fastened to any support, including grounded metal. Beam Design and User Expectations Here's a 6 meter (metre for my European friends :-) lightweight Moxon antenna I built. It's a very simple design and for its simplicity it works very well especially for my latest project with my newly acquired Trio 700s where I needed a small Yagi antenna. Easy to build two element antenna! 2. The program is based on an algorithm developed by L. The two horizontal loops act as planes with the gap Signal level indicated by the S-meter : S 1 Linearity test n°. The JK402T is a 22Ft boom 2 element 40m Yagi that has excellent gain and F/R. Look at the pattern and bandwidth: 1. The Moxon Rectangle on 2 Meters. boom! NOTE: The dual-band beams for 2 meters and 70 cm designed by DK7ZB cover 144 to 146 MHz and 420 to 440 MHz, which is the entire band in Europe. 5:1 or less VSWR. Support: 2in mast or if you need other specific mast size just note me. The method used to obtain this new design was strictly through experimentation. FREE Shipping. Here is the result. 5mm wire) and a 5 or 6 element Moxon for 6 meters. Figure 1 — A comparison of the lower radia-tion angle and greater gain of the Moxon (red) compared to the dipole (blue). Moxon Antenna Project, KD6WD Here we see the software set to design an antenna for 17 meters using 18. Cebik, W4RNL, developed an algorithm for calculating the dimensions of a Moxon Rectangle antenna. Table 2 summarizes the performance factors for the W8JK array in a similar manner as was done for the Moxon. There are almost innumerable ways to build the antenna--that is, ways to support the elements. This antenna is similar in construction to the 2-meter OFC sleeve dipole I built over 8 years ago, but it is a simple center-fed dipole. The 17-meter Moxon is a little over seven feet between elements while the 15-meter Moxon is about six feet between elements. The reduced wingspar. See full list on jpole-antenna. 2 dB over a dipole 10. The author isa keen enthusiast of the Moxon Rectangle antenna, invented by the late Les Moxon, G6XN. The radiating element is a quarter wave (λ/4) and the radials are 12% longer. All you need to do is install the 1/2 inch Aluminum tubing at both ends of the 10 Meter and 6 Meter antennas, adjust them to the proper length and tighten the hose clamps that hold them in place. The SE-2MB features a 1:1 Guanella ferrite torrid current balun that provides a balance feed. The gamma match is made using a 3/8" aluminum tube and a piece of RG-8 coaxial cable. Here i present all steps to build this antenna. The next step was to get the Moxon up in the air and put the Sark-110 antenna analyser on it. 25 thickness Aluminum 9. Built and tested for our 2018 Field Day and worked excellent! The Vertical Moxon had everything I was looking for, a low TOA (Takoff Angle), wide horizon coverage, and good impedance loading. This antenna is design on the same basis but instead of folded wires to the center pole of the boom , this design is relying on the MOXON one. B. 7 mm tubing this makes this antenna cover the entire meter band from CW SSB FM modes. 90 Find 40 Meter Moxon Antennas related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of 40 Meter Moxon Antennas information. to 151. If you have more space since the monopoles are 400cm long ,… The good thing regarding my design is you can convert the folded antenna to a full size W8JK antenna with ease. Elevation Plot on 20m Measurements to build a Moxon 8 element: This is the Moxon 6 element + 2 extra elements, so you can start After the most recent fox hunt I thought that a smaller antenna would be helpful, so I went for the moxon for 2 meter, material used: 32 mm PVC tube etc, coax cable, glue, tie wraps, 4 mm brass bar I experienced the same results on my 1st Moxon for 15 meter band, I used an insulated wire and the resonant freq. 01 • “Re-design of a Moxon rectangle that employs a steppeddiameter taper schedule is not a task for NEC-2. • Eliminates loading coils. This calculator can be used to design a Quarter Wave Ground Plane antenna, with radials. Introduction; Design; Parts List; Assembly; Checkout; On-the-Air; Introduction. SE-2MB Moxon. Reviewed by Bob Allison, WB1GCMAssistant Laboratory Managerwb1gcm@arrl. Moxon (1993). 5 across the band: W1UJ 40 Meter Moxon Project 2011 Updated 9-May-2012 W1UJ 40m Moxon over 4el SteppIR 8P5A Moxon Project Click here PW7T Moxon Project Click here K1KP Moxon Project Click here Comparison to the KB1H Full Sized 40m 3el Dallas and W1UJ/W6NL Moxon Click here This is K1GU, NedTN's Moxon setup- 4el Steppir below. • Increased gain, efficiency, and SWR bandwidth. Nothing about it simply uses the conventional 468/frequency, or whatever 1/4 or 1/2 wave factor one typically uses to figure dimensions, so a calculator comes in handy and are easy to follow for the Moxon. Author: Two antennas are here described: a 2-elements Yagi for 20. org/files/qst-binaries/6 meter moxon. Plus there are super specialized 2 meter or 70 cm Cross Polarized Yagis and the compact EAntenna 6 meter Moxon antenna that has only a 3 ft. Below is a trial by jury! We present the evidence! This note looks at the antenna and antenna model for the 40 meter Moxon Yagi designed by Dave Leeson, W6NL. At 28 MHz antenna gain up to 9. 4 MHz One of the design objectives was an easy installation and disinstallation, this because the observatory is left unattended when no observations are scheduled. was a bit below 21 mhz. 2 Meter/70cm Dual Band FM Handheld - Compact, Light and Very Rugged. There has been so much demand for plans for the emergency 2-meter antenna for ham radio that appeared in Vol. The 220-MHz version has won two out of three measurements (losing once to a much bigger log-periodic Yagi). While I've scoured The Moxon Antenna Project site as well as Googled the subject I am unable to find any specific plans for a 4- element Moxon/Yagi anywhere. Element span is a compact 7 feet on a 34 boom with turning radius of under 4 . 12" tubing,… For Sale, Aluminum Hub for 2 el Moxon Antenna Project. The measurement is made between the “Eggbeater” antenna and the dipole connected to the signal generator placed in horizontal polarization. I used 1″ thin-wall PVC pipe, aluminum tape, and RG-8X coax. Superb quality dipole antenna The best quality 2 meter antenna available. The basic Moxon (2 element) antenna which can be build for 6,10, 11, 12 and 15 meters. (The Moxon antenna owes its design to Les Moxon, G3XN (SK). 50 RadioWavz DX40 Off Center Fed (OCF) Dipole Antenna - 40, 20, 10, and 6 Meters. made myself a Moxon for the R9M lite on 900 but I am not confident how accurately I made it, also ordered a Truemox from Hugo at True-RC. The MFJ-1890 10-Meter moxon antenna This rugged close-spaced 2-element Yagi has a driven element and reflector with the tips folded toward each other to minimize turning radius. Still very good gain 8,9 dBi and FB. tubing. conventional Yagi but you get the same gain and caracteristics. However the rectangle has a very high F/B ratio of about 25. " Several other of his articles appeared during the 1970s and 1980s in Ham Radio magazine. mance. 200 MHz by VE7BQH M3FVB VHF 8db collinear Along with NC Scout’s great article I used an article titled, KD6WD Moxon Antenna Project to design a Moxon antenna to meet my needs. 5 Assembled Kit - Includes Power You will have to build 4 antennas : 2 crossed Moxon for VHF and 2 crossed Moxon for UHF. End caps are used to enclose the pvc ends. Fortunately it is still usable on the lower 3 MURS channels. The antenna sits in a spare room with an eastern exposure and sits on a camera tripod so that it can be rotated. W8JK/MOXON antenna Variant : This design is a variant of the Open-Folded W8JK . 2 / 440 sleeve vert. 4 - 48" fiberglass sticks. I met Miku, VU2WAP, on the rec. The Moxon rectangle is essentially a 2 element Yagi with the elements bent to direct the signal forward. Covers 130 Mc. 2 Meter Moxon Beam antenna that covers 144 to 148 Mc. M2 Antenna Systems Inc, Announces Release of L & C Band Circular Dish Feed (FGFD-2-LC-CC-1) M2 Antenna Systems, Inc with headquarters and manufacturing facilities located … ARRL Product Review of the M2 6-Meter HO Loop Antennas. Dimensions 4,0 * 4,0 meter, weight about 3,0kg Price: euro 195,- plus transport- and PayPal costs, I noticed in the stats of this blog that one of the most read items is the building of that 2 meter Yagi. at 2:1 or less VSWR providing coverage of CAP frequencies as well. html AWG Conversion algorithm from A Moxon is a special form of a two-element Yagi-Uda antenna with the elements bent towards each other making it only 2/3 the width. B. 41" x channel recd; 1 each scale: 1:1 sheet 6 of 7 rev. 2 MHz and a MOXON antenna for 22. you may use 2 rigid pvc and make it telescopic for each spreader. Easy match to 50 ohm coax. Everything you need to build this antenna can be found on this page. MOXON PERFECT ANTENNA Time Owned: more than 12 months. 10dBi – 6 Element OWA Yagi Antenna for 2 Meter band plan Here is a 6 element yagi my friend and I have built for experimenting with directional antenna. the SWR stays close to 2:1 across the entire 2-meter band. The antenna was designed around 50. In this video, Paul Athersmith shows us how to design, build, and use a 2 meter Moxon for dependable local or regional use. For other diameters see the table below. 8 Element 2 Meter Low Noise Wideband Antenna 144 146 Mhz. The Front to Back is good, 34dBi, very close at the back. 00; Snap-on Ferrite Beads 11mm (set of 3) Rated 5. By Mike Martell N1HFX. Both designs are on the Moxon Project website. 18 mtrs or 13. From 2010 to 2014 I used a 15 meter two-element Moxon beam as a temporary antenna for contests. 0 dB) with a null towards the rear of the antenna, yielding high realized front to back ratio. Requires antenna tuner. Building a 2-Meter Moxon. Cut for 2 meters band 144-146 Complete with standoff bar for a vertical or horizontal install. 94 out of 5 $ 36. MOXON 2 ELEMENT BEAM. The 2-Element-Yagi with reflector has normally a 0,2-lambda-boom and an impedance of 50 W. However, those two examples are written Namely the design frequency is higher than the actual operating frequency. Reviewed by Bob Allison, WB1GCMAssistant Laboratory Managerwb1gcm@arrl. 00 – $ 40. Cut the RG-62 about 2" (5 cm) longer than these measurements and leave 1" (2. As for the case of the moxon antenna, the attic enviroment appears to have electrically lengthened the antenna. The goal here is to put up a cheap, easy, and quick 2-meter antenna that is simple and unobtrusive, but works Here's a picture of the antenna. 05. 50 Read more The Antenna Elmer By AC3L & N3LSS -- Design your own HF/VHF/UHF dipoles, Folded dipoles, Inverted Vees, Ground Plane, Half Wave Vertical, 5/8 Wave Vertical, Quads, 2 Meter Beams, Quarter wave line matching and lots more. The antenna has an SWR of roughly 1. Building and experimenting with antennas can be an interesting part of the radio hobby. 1-1/2" 0266" oia. 9” 5/8ʎon 2 meters is 50” and impedance matching is provided by a low inductance coil The above combination provides a base-loaded vertical antenna that works on 6 meters. By changing the frequency and wire size, the software calculates the measurements labeled A-E. I was intrigued. If your planning on experimenting with Moxon Antennas there’s one essential tool you’re going to need. Dimension according to your preferences. Less than 1. Figure 1 is a photograph of a completed Yagi mounted on a PVC test mast. Build a 2 Meter, 5/4 Wave Antenna. 07 dBi free space and 32 dBd front to back rejection. HamR-7 40m, 20, 10m, 6m, 2m, 220 and 440 MHz Antenna: Cushcraft: A270 6S Beam 2m and 440 MHz: A430 11S Beam 440 MHz: AR450 Vertical 440 MHz: ARX450 Vertical 440 MHz: MA5V Vertical 20/17/15/12/10m: Diamond: X 30A Vertical 2m/70cm: X 50A Vertical 2m/70cm: Gap: Mounts Tilt Ladder Mount: Hustler: G3-144 Vertical 2 Meter : MFJ: MFJ-1625 Window 6 meter moxon antenna This is a 2-el Yagi made from dipoles bent in the shape of a U, the longer element is the reflector, the input Z is 50 ohms and no matching network is needed. This is a two-element end-fire antenna where the Forward/Backward-ratio is near maximal, thus the Maximum gain suffers a little compared to a design optimized for gain. Designed as a 20m antenna. £55. ZUM Radio ZUMspot Nextion 3. This antenna is made for the DX'er or Contester that is looking for an antenna to work across the globe. The coax feed is inserted into the DE T via a drilled hole on the T’s under Information about the moment method of far radiation field determination has appeared in Amateur Radio literature. It gives a gain of 4 dB over a dipole and the F/B is about 15 dB. . cycle 23 I consistently made worldwide contacts on 10-meter PSK31 using 5 watts to an attic mounted Moxon rectangle. B. This antenna is design on the same basis but instead of folded wires to the center pole of the boom , this design is relying on the MOXON one. Patterns are shown across the 2-meter band for a model designed for. at 1. The GW3YDX Super Moxon Adding extra directivity to the Moxon Rectangle for 6m, 4, and 2m PHOTO 1: Completed 4m GW3YDX Super Moxon. This antenna is similar in construction to the 2-meter OFC sleeve dipole I built over 8 years ago, but it is a simple center-fed dipole. Primarily a dipole, the J-pole antenna exhibits a mostly circular pattern in the H plane with an average free-space gain near 2. 1 No. 5 in x 6 in, with holes and yellow zinc plated u-bolts (1/4 x 20) with nuts to fit 1" tube. In order to get about 6db gain from the antenna, it would need 8 sectors, with a 1/4 wave section at the top and a fly-lead with N-connector at the bottom. May 12, 2015 - The Moxon Beam by DK7ZB, moxon yagi, moxon antenna Fix 2: New antenna on 40m • Found ‘modification’ by W6NL to 40-2CD/XM-240 design. 7 MHz on ten meters under 1. 4:1 from 7. One part (50 cm) will be used as a boom and the other as the first part (also 50cm) of the antenna. Quad antenna is a type of directional wire radio antenna mainly used on the VHF and UHF bands. 43 Element Yagi for 144. e. Here's a simple and cheap 2 element yagi built for the 17mtr amateur band, the antenna elements supports are fibaglass fishing poles, the elements are made from 1mm stainless steel mig welding wire slid inside the poles. Blue plot is the phased design, black the three element refl ector/director and red a two element Yagi. 12 mtr. Speedometers, Thermometers, SWR Meters, and Smith Charts Build a 17 Meter Reduced Size Coaxial Moxon Retangle. We will use the above dimensions for our antenna. The antenna is then ready to install on your vertical pipe and Rotator. Moxon 8 element: This antenna has a good F/B and very high gain. pdf ~390kB † The formula for equivalent diameter for a square conductor, 1. Constructed of 1/2" and 3/8" hard drawn 6063-T832 aluminum tubing, 6061-T6 aluminum, UV resistant PVC, and stainless steel hardware. for the "magic band" 6m - horizontal, out of alum. Bands: 6m - 20m Here is spec: 0. ln its basic form it'seasy to build and is a great performer. Of the Moxon with all elements In place – Not too bad. Built like a tank. In the May 2003 QST, an article by Allen Baker, KG4JJH described a portable 15 meter moxon rectangle antenna using fishing poles as spreaders. 7 dBi can be obtained. The front-to-side nulls on the quad are pretty much at 90 degrees, while the moxon's nulls were more close to 120 degrees. The antenna is similar to a 2-element Yagi with the element Cut 1-2 inches of 3/4” pipe and put it on the opposite end of the tee with a 3/4” 90 off of it and push your feedline through all this as you do it. Since I like to tinker and build things I thought building an antenna would be a good idea. 43 element Yagi for 2 mt. He was looking for suggestions on a wire beam for 80 meters Raised 2 meters more,and noticable worse SWR an a decrease in frequency of approx 30 kHz. M2 Antenna Systems Inc, Announces Release of L & C Band Circular Dish Feed (FGFD-2-LC-CC-1) M2 Antenna Systems, Inc with headquarters and manufacturing facilities located … ARRL Product Review of the M2 6-Meter HO Loop Antennas. 2 meter sling shot re-visited. Feedpoint is an SO-239 pigtail. antenna newsgroup. I started this project after building my first mono band moxon for 15 mtr band. 7 meter boom – 10 ° take off angle at 11meters high; 4 elements wired Moxon -0° take off antenna at 11 meters high also; Antennas are 10 meters distance one from the other. The performance of the antenna, through the model, will be explored in several typical settings. Moxon antenna [1] is basically a two-element Yagi-Uda antenna [ 2 ], with a bent dipole element to reduce its height and is commonly preferred antenna for HAM operators due to its size, forward gain and wide band impedance match. We will use ½” PVC sch. Since the resonant frequency of my antenna was low it meant that my antenna was a little too long. This antenna design is so unique that an operator almost has to have a calculator in order to get even close. In addition, it cannot import other antenna modeling files. Lightweight construction methods and wire elements will work a treat. overseas shipping contact for costs MOXON ANTENNA for 144 to 146MHz (Mark 2) With 12. Excellent choice 9 element EME and VHF Contest Tropo Yagi antenna. Part 1: Vertically Stacking Horizontally Oriented Rectangles. B. Designing Moxon Rectangles by Equation and by Model. MOXON FAN. 2. Multi-band with antenna tuner. The original goal was to have an antenna that I could use for 2 meter SSB. The closest I could find is a 3 element for 10m (built with 1. Also looking at a 10/11 Meter version using 3/4" and 1/2" aluminum tubing. Dimensions for the 10 and 11m version are 4,0 * 1,5 meter, weight only about 1,0 kg, The gain is 6,0 dBi. 1375 as the center frequency. 4 MHz, however the VSWR is lowest near 50 MHz. 90 $ 49 . High power handling easy 1. 1. 00 $2. Basic Moxon 2-Meter Properties VA3OMP's 2m Moxon antenna Back in August I was doing some simplex D-Star and D-RATs testing with Greg, VA3OMP on 145. Jim Feldman W6JMF builds an odd 2-meter vertical dipole that can be portable or mount permanently on a vertical surface. Located in Paris area, I have used a 2 el. My procedure involved two steps: creating a basic design with a uniform-diameter HYS YAGI Antenna High Gain 9dBi UHF 70cm Base Antenna UHF 400-470 MHz 5 Elements Antenna for Motorola Repeater Kenwood Baofeng 2-Way Radio 4. The antenna type 2 RE-A144V58/2. Here we have collected some links to building instructions for 11m antennas on the Internet. The short 3 foot boom is a further attrac-tion. Step by step instructions. The antenna is an ARRL Handbook design. All models A shows the azimuth pattern of a 2-meter Moxon when the antenna is vertically oriented and, hence, vertically polarized. wickedlocal. I had to change The original design because it probably was designed for the 10m Amateure band. The driven element is fed with 70 - 100 ohm flat twin feedline via the internal 4:1 balun in MFJ-1890 10 Meter Moxon Antenna (Tested on 10 meters & 11 meters/CB Band) Recently I got my hands on MFJ’s new 10 meter Moxon antenna. called his antenna a “Moxon rectangle” — perhaps to distinguish it from the other shapes described in Moxon’s book. The Moxon-beam has a 0,18-lambda-boom and still 50 Ohm. The design used open-sleeve coupling between the physically driven 17-meter driver and the slaved 12-meter driver. 2 wavelengths. Different boom sizes view joins. MoxGen will show you the dimensions and (optionally) generate an antenna model file for a 50 ohm Moxon Rectangle antenna, given the design frequency and wire size. moxonantennaproject. design a j pole for any band. Cebik, W4RNL. All of this was in a small enough package to fit in my relatively small back yard. My first 2 meter moxon was a regular 2 element design, using some leftover #14 gauge wire from the 15 mtr moxon and pvc pipes. The red dots represent the measured values of the SWR with the antenna mounted in the attic. So I decided to take a stab at making one cut for 2 meters. 00. The elements of the 2-m-Moxon are made of Aluminium-welding-rods, here with 2,4 mm diameter. I can't quantify it beyond S-meter readings on my VX-5R, but the moxon nulls were deeper by 2 or 3 S units on this particular VX-5R. One of the good things about building a Moxon is that at 50 MHz, it’s not a very big antenna at all and, is easily managed by one person. G5RV – 102 ft. 4 elements quad 5. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. So far I've heard AO-91, AO-92, and SO-50. Extended Double Zepp – Longer than a dipole Stunning 2015 design from G0KSC: ten meter Moxon mated with a 3 element six meter Yagi on one boom with a common feedline. 00 TOTAL (Including Shipping) : $44. • For best results make sure that the shorted part of the quarter-wave feed section is above the support. This is a good impedance for wire- beams. G8RJQ. However, since most DX on 6m is horizontally polarized, he needed a horizontal antenna. Weighs just 8 lbs. He asked me to write this small program incorporating his work and I was happy to oblige. I built this small vertical because I could not uplink very well at low elevations and I just could not bring myself to drill holes in the roof of my new truck to install a more substantial antenna. 5:1 for the typical satellite frequencies. 8:1 at resonance (see Figure 2). A moxon was one of the very first antenna's I made. I cut it down to 11 elements and have a length of about 1. 2 Element Yagi Beam Antenna . 146 MHz. org The … K6MYC on Antenna Testing In the May 2003 QST, an article by Allen Baker, KG4JJH described a portable 15 meter moxon rectangle antenna using fishing poles as spreaders. HB9CV – 2 Element Yagi for the 11 meter band . Since then it has been a very popular limited space Yagi do to its very compact size. You can also design a moxon antenna for the HF band of A 20 Meter Moxon Antenna Moxons work great — and they take up less space than full size two element Yagis. A Moxon Rectangle (Yagi) for 27MHz - The Moxon Rectangle was first introduced by Les Moxon, G6XN during the 1950's. 00 2 Stainless Steel hose claims - to secure balun to mast $1. Great gain at 6. 40 piping and fittings. Rated 4. 4. com/news/mchf-autotuner/ This internal automatic antenna tuner is designed specifically for The basis for the 2m Moxon I built is here (2m-moxon-antenna). Modern 2-meter rigs can handle this easily. The 50-Ohm-coax-cable is connected at the other side of the clamp and wound to choke for a balanced feeding. (3/2 λ) doublet with 31 (1/4 λ) ft of ladder line, then fed with coax. HF Vertically-Oriented Moxon Rectangles: A 40-Meter Example This antenna has a very good F/B and bandwidth (works from 27. Frequency of Operation: MHz: Diameter of wire: mm: A: feet It’s smaller size, small footprint 2 element design seemed ideal to sit on top of one my push-up masts at home. Thanks to Paul Athersmith for this excellent 2 meter moxon antenna project. pattern at 20M is similar to that of the Moxon. Posted date: June 03, 2016 in: Alpine Mobile Antenna Model 100S Basic model is unpainted silver with a neopreen cover. 2 : (“Eggbeater” antenna without reflector) Method of measurement The method used is the same as above. The MFJ-1890 is a lightweight aluminum antenna designed to operate in the 10 meter band and we had hoped that with a little messing around we could get it [ ] MFJ-1890 10 Meter Moxon Antenna (Tested on 10 meters & 11 meters/CB Band) Recently I got my hands Moxon Rectangle Generator. The gain on 20M is roughly constant across the band which is a bit 6 Meter Moxon Beam Stressed Moxon So Make Antenna Shorter! » HF Antennas for All Locations, Les Moxon, G6XN, 2nd Edition, Printed . 10m Aluminium Moxon Construction Building a moxon antenna with aluminium tubes 20 meter homebrew MOXON 9Y4DD's Dave 14 MHz home-brew MOXON antenna project 20 Meter Vertical Moxon 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CST) The SE-2MB, 2-Meter Moxon Beam covers 144 to 148 Mc. Plus there are super specialized 2 meter or 70 cm Cross Polarized Yagis and the compact EAntenna 6 meter Moxon antenna that has only a 3 ft. HF Antennas for All Locations. 2 m pvc mount gp. 275mm boom length 765 mm element length Small and compact for a stealth install or backpacking and very rugged. The 3 element design described here will actually cover the entire 6 meter band (a bandwidth of about 7. A is connected to first moxon to the copper core and connected to copper core of the first 75 Ω harness. • Between efficiency & directivity, new moxon models 4. Weighs just 8 lbs. This describes the basic approach to building the 2m Moxon as developed in 2008 by the Montgomery County ARES. Heavy Duty construction that allows 120 MPH wind survival with 1/2" radial ice. MFJ-1890 for ten meters spans a mere 12 on a lightweight 50 boom. com ). The SWR is below 1. The squalo OP linked is a horizontally polarised omnidirectional antenna. It is a very broadband antenna capable of operating over the entire 20m band. 5DBd. Dan Maguire, AC6LA has made an application the calculates all of the dimensions for any Moxon Antenna. I found that the antenna went together very well and worked great without any further tuning. boom! NOTE: The dual-band beams for 2 meters and 70 cm designed by DK7ZB cover 144 to 146 MHz and 420 to 440 MHz, which is the entire band in Europe. 2 meter collinear by m3fvb. The antenna is shipped almost completely assembled. ) Going one small step up or down in element diameter will still produce a usable antenna, but major Do you need a simple, easily-built, and highly portable 2 meter antenna for field or emergency work? Then, a basic Moxon Antenna is what you need. 2 Size 2” 6 - 32 SS bolts, nuts, and lock washers for securing vertical tubing to horizontal tubing $2. The year after he first introduced the Moxon rectangle in QST, L. Part 2: Some 30-17-12 Meter Ideas L. 1 MININEC and NEC-2 would have been equally satisfactory. I’ve posted a 15 meter moxon video too. The idea is to get an small antenna, this is a great solution. The length is usually 5% more compare to driven element. Building a Moxon antenna for 2m SSB (USB) out of copper tubing, and a 6m wire Moxon for FM VHF military radios. But it wasn't until KD6WD, John in Redding Ca. Antenna SWR on 6 Meters. Here we have collected some links to building instructions for 11m antennas on the Internet. Another view of perfect Low Noise Antenna PA144-9-5A. There are usually four radials, three being a minimum, but you could use up to six. B. Or the complete 10 meter band. Collectively we have all drawn on the experience of Les Moxon, G6XN, and his work to transform the VK2ABQ 2 element Moxon antenna design calculator: Calculation Results. It s winter-storm tough but extremely lightweight, under 5 lbs. As for the actual construction, I used a couple pieces of scrap 16AWG wire and an old cobra head from the connector W8JK/MOXON antenna Variant : This design is a variant of the Open-Folded W8JK . The antenna is lightweight and can be made from locally available materials. Very light weight and ideal for portable work. Next cut a section of 1” pipe long enough to mount the antenna where you want and push it into the bottom of the 3/4″ X 1″ tee. 5 feet above the attic floor for a total height of eleven feet above the ground. B. that is 0,7% too low So shorted DE and REFLECTOR 0,7 % and it was fine at 14 meters and approx 100 kHz high at 6 meters altitude. 00 2 Size 2” 6 - 32 SS bolts, nuts, and lock washers for securing feed line to tubular elements $2. In the USA they are suitable for u Read More I finally decided to make my own mast from PVC pipe, based on a design by N1RIK for the Moxon at his QTH. wide-band Yagi designs for 10 meters at 28. This is a premium performing antenna that will last a lifetime. Moxon +5el yagi The Moxon antenna or 'Moxon Rectangle' is a simple and mechanically robust two-element parasitic array antenna. 2 meter ultra cheap antenna. Building and experimenting with antennas can be an interesting part of the radio hobby. 4db better than 40-2CD. I inserted the smaller diameter pipe a bit more than a foot into the other and used some hefty bolts to join the pieces together at the overlap. and the losses are quite small at an. The dimensions are in meters, and the element size is radius, not diameter. But having a 50w clear as day conversation with a KH station (from SF bayarea) was super fun. The simplest two-element horizontal antenna has to be the Moxon rectangle. There are several variation of J-Pole antenna, including the Slim Jim and also the ladder-line J-pole suitable to be used with hand held transceiver. Moxon Antenna Project is an excellent resource, and contains a freeware modelling program that will calculate all of the dimensions for you- all you need to do is plug in the frequency you want to use and write down the values. This quad has #12 AWG copper elements. Excellent gain and Front to Back Ratio. Cebik, W4RNL (SK) Last month we looked at the Moxon rectangle, cut for 17 meters, as the basis for a very compact dual-band Moxon-Yagi for 17 and 12 meters. It s winter-storm tough but extremely lightweight, under 5 lbs. You may decide to go to the calculation section to let the computer do it all for you. The 2 meter Halo is mounted at 24 feet, and the 6 meter Halo is mounted at 20 feet high. The conversion to a Moxon, ZL SPECIAL or a Maria-Maluca will be easy also. My first concern was the effect of the additional wire on the existing 6m band, but my fears were quickly alleviated when the SWR measure was found to be 1. The antenna is about 2. This antenna is unique in that it is enclosed entirely in 3/4" PVC which makes the design a little more complicated. The figure on the right shows the antenna modeled in 4NEC2 for the configuration I ended up with. 00; 2 Meter Break-a-way J This page describes the history and design of VU2WAP's 80 Meter Moxon Rectangle installed on top of an apartment building in Bangalore, India. • VK2ABQ may have been the first to publish a design with his “square “ antenna. 5 cm) long. , very low current) at the end of a half wavelength antenna, only a small counterpoise (1m @ 14 MHz) or a few pF of capacitance to ground is required to return the current. ing of the antenna is shown in Figure 1, while the full material list is available on the Web site. Figure 2 — 10 meter (28-29 MHz) free-space gain curves for the three wide-band Yagis. The 4 element can be build as mono band for 6, 10, 11 or 12 meter. 144 Mhz Wideband 5 Element Portable Antenna Pa144 1 5b. SWR of 2:1. The antenna: - saw the 1 meter 15 mm alu tube in half. December 8, 2019 Internal autotuner for mcHF SDR radio http://radioaficion. 10 and 11 meter can be combined in one antenna. ) The antenna performs quite well on the 2 meter band, even though it was designed exclusively for the lower 3 MURS channels. As with all Moxon antennas, performance is excellent for the size of the antenna. The Moxon rectangle was developed by Les Moxon, G6XN, as a derivative of the VK2ABQ square, with further refinements to natural beam dimensions by L. As Paul explains, the moxon design is simple, easy to build, light weight, and ideal for portable or field operations. Shop for 2 Meter Antennas here. The ends of the two elements are bended backward (radiator) or forward (reflector) and act as a capacitive load. - saw some grooves (approx 1,5 cm) in the both halves of the tube to allow a hose clamp to tighten everything up. 5DBd. However, in order to maintain a balance an equal amount of length is required to be added to the antenna itself. Cebik, W4RNL. However. There is no question that it is a superb antenna; many have been amazed at its performance. Michael ZS1RJQ. 5 MHz at less than 2:1 VSWR, providing coverage of CAP frequencies too. 0808-inch diameter. 4. The best gain in a small antenna. 7%) with reasonable performance and a 50 Ω SWR of less than 2:1. 00 $2. 95, CQ Publishing. 2 L. the “ll cool j” 2 meters for a song. (Single Moxons built to these dimensions would cover all of 2-meters and about 12 MHz of the 432 MHz band. Listed under the Antennas/Moxon category that is about Moxon antenna plans. If you use aluminium tube with diameter of 4mm you can fold easily the tubes. 2 MHz and a MOXON antenna for 22. The Horizontal Loop, also known as the Loop Skywire Antenna, is an old but very effective design. 10 or 11 mtr. o The Gain given for a 2 elements yagi is in the order of 6,2 dBI (260 watts on a dipole compared to 100 watt on this antenna) Design frequency = HPSD 2N 27,555 MHz The quagi has won three consecutive 2-meter antenna-gain contests at West Coast VHF Conferences with measured gains up to 14. When fed with coax (whether it is an RG-58 or RG-8) cable, it should be connected with air-choked balun. , yet delivers an amazingly clean cardioid pattern with 3. Cebik, W4RNL2. Gain is about 6 dB, FB about 25-30 dB. 00 $2. Larry Banks, W1DYJ 1Notes appear on page 40. 5 Mc. As you can see, the Halo makes for a stealthy antenna even though that was never one of the design goals. 3 MHz 160 and 80 Meter Receiving Antenna Layout at W3LPL Eight 160M 24 foot umbrella verticals Antenna Moxon Links → 45 . The antenna is modeled using the EZNEC 1 package, built upon the NEC 2 engine. At higher frequencies, the W8JK reverts to the classical figure 8 pattern typical of the phased array beams. amateur. The goal is to have the antenna cover most of the 6M band with low VSWR. The stressed design allows the antenna to be light weight yet strong. Some hams prefer to design their own yagi antennas and might find this style of gamma match very useful. I wanted an antenna that was simple, horizontally polarized and omni directional. Essentially it consists of two metal or wire elements: (1) a driven element with its ends bent back towards the reflector (2) which has its ends bent towards the driven element. Designed by As the figure shows, the back-yard measurements agree well with the NEC-2 model. Best results are obtained with the NEC-4 engine. Review: Hi Paul I have used your Moxon calculator for 2 antennas. 1 of the rectangle also construct the antenna is to simply cut the copper pipe sections to length, as Get high performance from a small package with this low-profile antenna made from copper pipe. MFJ 6-Meter Moxon Antenna MFJ s 6-Meter Moxon for limited space features low SWR and a broad cardioid pattern with 5. A 2m Moxon mounted vertically is fine for hitting repeaters in specific directions just as a vertically oriented Yagi works well for directional FM work. This project to construct a vertical Moxon antenna for the amateur 20m band was inspired by the work and experience of Pete Mills, M3KXZ, and the Moxon Antenna Project group (www. 4 out of 5 stars 40 $49. MFJ 6-Meter Moxon Antenna MFJ s 6-Meter Moxon for limited space features low SWR and a broad cardioid pattern with 5. Also as wide band. 3 inches. Smaller than comparable antennas, the LBM models are 70% the width of a full sized multi-band beam or dipole and has a short turning radius, yet handles a maximum allowable power A 20 meter Moxon Antenna moxons work great and they take up less space than full size two element yagis. A 6 Meter Moxon Antenna Discover 6 meters for the first time or enhance your existing operation with a rugged but portable version of this novel 2 element antenna. My 2M Moxon antenna, simple and easy to build. Blue plot is the phased design, black the three element refl ector/director and red a two element Yagi. Even though the deepest null occurs only in the vicinity of the design frequency, the. What could be more simple: Moxon for 70cm, G3XBM This video demonstrates how easy it is to make a gamma match for a 2 meter yagi antenna. It comes with a fully-enclosed balun that has either a UHF or N connector (your choice). A basic outline draw-A 6 Meter Moxon Antenna Discover 6 meters for the first time or enhance your existing operation with a rugged but portable version of this novel 2 element antenna. 5:1 or less VSWR. 2 dBi (0. com/moxon/moxgen. It should take about 2-3 hours to build an antenna using this design, but don't worry if it takes longer, you will get quicker, especially as you only need to make the jig once. This antenna is perfect for HAMS that need a quick reliable solution for local 2 meter communication. 52Mhz is about 2. tried the Moxon Generator program to design a Moxon Rectangle, then you are familiar with the Moxon antenna This is a 2m Moxon type antenna with parasitic elements for 70cm. 2 meter moxon antenna MOXON ANTENNA: Invented by Les Moxon G6XN (SK 2004), is sort of a two element yagi with the elements folded and spaced to eliminate the need for an impedance match. Two antennas are here described: a 2-elements Yagi for 20. The moxon antenna has its advantages as its a lightweight antenna that does perform well. When trimming an antenna for tuning you should trim less than the calculated difference to be on the safe side. It is a simple design that works well. 44 $ 87. 5 cm) long and the 2 meter phasing line is 16-1/2" (41. At the balcony he has a Diamond V2000 vertical antenna for 6/2/70, and an MFJ loop antenna for 15-40m. 2 meter hentenna 2 meter ssb yagi antenna 2 meter slingshot re-visited design a j pole for any band easy 2 meter ground plane + build a 2 meter 5/4 wave antenna the "ll cool j" - 2 meters for a song 2 meter collinear by m3fvb new 2 meter copper tubing slim jim by ke5fxu reduced size 2 and 6 meter yagi's 6 meter rotatable delta loop 2 Meter Amateur Radio J-Pole Antenna. Field-built 20 meter moxon from fiberglass fishing poles and 16ga stranded. Another two-element array is a directional microphone. 5. MFJ-1890 for ten meters spans a mere 12’ on a lightweight 50” boom. 10N6RDB Radiation Pattern HORIZONTAL LOOP ANTENNA CONSTRUCTION . 10 and 11m can be on the same antenna. 2M Moxon Antenna: I tried my first contest recently (RSGB 2M UKAC) and really enjoyed myself, although I realised just how restrictive my J-Pole antenna was when it comes to SSB and directionality so I build this little moxon antenna using details provided by G0KY… Building 2 Meter Vertical Moxon. The 6 meter Moxon is built from 5/ 8 inch OD and 1/ 2 inch OD aluminum tubing with 3/ 8 inch OD solid aluminum for the corners. 6 meters. If you have more space since the monopoles are 400cm long ,… Les Moxon, G6XN (sk) Moxon authored a July 1952 QST article, "Two-Element Driven Arrays. com The idea for this 2 meter full wave loop antenna came from QST. DIY 5$ Portable VHF Yagi Antenna for the 2 Meter Band (144-146 MHz) by F4HWK: In this publication i explain how to build a very light weight, cheap, easy to build and deployable in 30 seconds portable VHF antenna for the 2 meter band. Construction is a single rectangular loop of wire with a couple of breaks made of insulating cord, somehow spaced apart appropriately. Feedpoint is an SO-239 pigtail. 2 meter dual bander (ultra cheap) na4it. He lives in the West part of Ottawa in Kanata and I live in the South in Greely so to improve the link between us Greg constructed a 2m Moxon. It was quite easy, since this one is a lot smaller. Shop for 2 Meter Antennas here. For weak signal work (SSB and CW), I use a home built 2 meter Moxon antenna. You can use electric clamp to make the connection. Figure 2 — This shows the superior front- 6 Meter Band MOXON-STYLE TWO-ELEMENT PARASITIC BEAM ANTENNA By K8JHR OBJECTIVE: Design and MOXON Background Several designs emerged in the 1970s for reduced size beam antennas implemented by folding the elements. My guess is that the attic environment has effectively ``electrically-lengthened'' the antenna by a small amount. An HF antenna is done exactly the same way. Reflector: It is placed at rear of dipole or driven element. radio. Michael Martens KB5VBR has several great antennas and plans. This type of antenna is quite similar to Yagi-Uda antenna but instead of using a straight element, this antenna uses a square , round, or some other shaped closed Moxon links to antenna moxon antennas m1geo g8ocv moxon antenna with 9w2flp 10 meter band pact directional in3eci italian radio station Moxon Antenna Calculator Resource Detail The DxzoneMoxon Antenna I1wqrlinkradioAc6la … Stressed Moxon Antenna The SM-50 is a directional 6M antenna occupying approximately 50% of the space of a 2 element Yagi, yet having similar gain and better F/B. 5. 3 dBi forward gain and 30 dB of interference killing front-to-back The antenna patterns show up more clearly in PDF, so here's the report: moxon_realitycheck. The calculator is spot on and no SWR adjustments required. I have built a 2 and 6 meter version of this antenna, mounted them on the same support rope and feed them with separate feed lines. 20m Moxon for several years. Although this design has been around for a long time, it is only gaining popularity now due to the recent improvement in high power antenna tuners. I did make some modifications to this in order to deal with the parts I got from Home Depot. Modeling the W6NL 40m Moxon Greg Ordy, W8WWV April 13, 2012 V1. 6 M Moxon Beam . And a good band width. L. No tricky tuning required. Jan 23, 2019 - Baofeng UV-5R with SO 50 satellite antenna. zip. This design will provide you some flexibility. Building a 2-Meter Moxon L. The goal here is to put up a cheap, easy, and quick 2-meter antenna that is simple and unobtrusive, but works The Gain of Yagi Antenna depends on length of antenna array and do not depend on number of directors used in the design. 25:1 to match the 20 ohm impedans at the loading point. 00 out of 5 $ 9. 2 Metre Dipole with standoff. Antenna Project: 6 ELEMENT WIRE BEAM FOR 144 MHz By DU1RZ. J-Pole antenna is an end-fed omnidirectional antenna that should be fed with 50-ohm impedance balanced line. However, its small size and special far field pattern lend themselves to some VHF applications. described Moxon VHF/UHF satellite receiving anten- 2 meter hamradio J-Pole antenna plan. 4 pcs spreaders - Since the turning radius is approx 4. The Moxon with a RF choke. at 1. It is derived from a design by Rainer Bertelsmeier DJ9BV (20 BVO). Assembly is a breeze and takes just a few minutes. . 40 + 30 = 50 (Not 70) A Truly Portable Moxon Rectangle for Nearly No-Tool Field Assembly. Measurement results for the S11 (or SWR) are… 2 ELEMENT SIX METER ANTENNA The 6 meter antenna has two elements and is housed in ½ inch pvc tubing, using T connectors to form the yagi configuration, and another T is located mid- way between the two elements for support. 5:1 VSWR plus great performance on six meters, too! (The moxon is suspended above the horizontal 1x2 board although it looks as though it is sitting on it. 2 Meter Weak Signal. 88 ft and 44 ft are popular lengths. Page 2-Discussion 915MHz moxon antenna FPV Talk. 1 of 10 24/02/07 5:41 PM. 1 of the OZARES newsletter that I have completely run out of copies, including the original. The primary problem is that PVC tubing has a significant velocity factor which causes RF to slow down. View Buy. 5kW. A carefully optimized and constructed moxon can easily exceed the gain and bandwidth of a sloppily designed and constructed yagi. I have taken the antenna on backpacking trips due to its minimum size and weight. It was written by KG4JJH, who provides detailed drawings of the parts and directions for assembly. I found fiberglass reflective driveway markers at the hardware store for about $3. You may use this gamma match on a much larger 2 meter yagi, too. One for 24 MHz the other 18 MHz using Ali tubes. 46 dBi gain, which is about 3 to 3. 44. 11 Meter Beam Antenna Design October 7, 2019 - by Arfan - Leave a Comment Ham by n4ja 11 meter moxon antenna cqdx11 gamma match coax antenna s k4mmg 2 and 6 radio antennas cb antenna Based on the tried and true Moxon antenna design, the LBM –2X and LBM-3X antennas provide excellent performance on 2 or 3 bands, depending on the model you select. 1MHz to get the feed impedance. The 6m band is his most popular one, since he get best results on this band. That said, the MFJ moxon antenna I think you're referring to doesn't look to be made of too heavy a gauge alum. JMHO. 5-dBi forward gain, high front-to-back ratio. In a pinch, a 2 meter 5/8ʎmobile antenna can be used on 6 meters (I have!) 1/4ʎon 6 meters is 55. The boom is made of a 25-mm-PVC-tube. Remember, however, that the support should be grounded because the antenna acts as a lightning rod. The two element design gives modest directivity (about 2. And yes the measurements are very critical and the bandwidth is extremely tight. 18*L where L is the side length of the square is awfully close to what I got when I took the geometric mean of the diameter of the circle that will just fit inside the square and 6) The spacing between the elements is 0. This two-element quad has 11. ) I modeled the antenna with a separation of 19 feet between the elements and inserted loading coils in the driven element to shorten them. 200 MHz till 28. The Par Electronics Stressed Moxon brings this compact design to six This antenna is beautifully crafted and built to last. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to email me in person at 2 The Six Meter Moxon Antenna 1. , yet delivers an amazingly clean cardioid pattern with 3. The detailed construction drawings, sheets and Moving to the Moxon design also saved me quite a bit of space. Plan of a helix antenna for 2 meter satellite use by VK5ZAI A portable 2-element VHF yagi Build a portable VHF yagi antenna for 2 meters. The Moxon Antenna Design The Moxon antenna was designed by Les Moxon G6XN and is an optimisation of an earlier Australian design for a compact 2el beam. Perfect SWR on built 9 elements High Gain Low Noise Antenna. DX from campsite in Texas to Netherlands, Patagonia, South Africa, Canary Islands on 100W. 3. Dimensions 10,2 * 4,0 meter, the aluminum boom is only 8,7 meter, gain 11,07dBi. org The … K6MYC on Antenna Testing Try this small 2 meter vertical antenna with your mobile rig or HT and enjoy more success in your uplink. This month I decided to build a 2 meter 5/4 wave antenna. 10 Meter Beam Plans Posted on October 18, 2020 by Sandra Antennas i1wqrlinkradio 5 element yagi hamsphere 4 0 building a 2 and 6 meter coaxial yagi collapsible 3 element 2 meter yagi meter moxon beam hf antenna plans Steve, k4mmg asked me to share my design of two coaxial Yagi antennas I made for use on 6 and 2 meters. Measurements and simulation confirm the quarter-wave stub modifies the circular H-plane pattern shape increasing the gain slightly on the side of the J stub element and reducing the gain slightly on the side opposite the J stub element. The advantages of these antennas are: directional, good front-to-back, and smaller than a Yagi. 15 at the band end. It might not last a good storm! You might be better of building a moxon antenna. In a past issue of AntenneX, I described the properties of a 2-meter Moxon rectangle and surveyed some potential uses for the antenna. 54 ft. It’s also a great antenna for emergency communication and can be fabricated and launched in a matter of minutes. The first step was to take the 14MHz Moxon model and run it on 18. The following is an example of a 3 element yagi used in the 2 meter band. , offered to include me in a small moxon project group, that I became a proud owner of a moxon of my own. 5 dBd (dB over dipole) gain. $87. The Moxon Rectangle comprises of 2 elements, a driven element and a reflector element. The drawing shows Quad Antenna Design is one more free antenna design and analysis software for Windows. Today, I’m going to show you how you can easily build a homebrew 2 Meter ¼ Wave vertical antenna for under $10. On working frequencies less than 1. 50 apiece. The end caps and PVC tees have one length but the PVC crosses are a bit shorter. , February, 1973. The delta loop, though, had a matching network to put it on 17m, and I neither wanted to give up 17 nor put up a separate antenna for it, so I decided to design a matching network. So let's see how to adapt the design to 2 meters (as a popular band choice) and also see a few of the uses to which we may effectively put the design. The PVC items are readily available from the local hardware store and are very inexpensive. 5-dBi forward gain, high front-to-back ratio. Figure 1 - The 2-meter slot-cube antenna con-structed from ½-inch copper pipe and plumbing fittings. Be careful if you use MMANA. This is a new own design for 2 * 11 element antennas for 432 MHz. The Moxon design is a directional, horizontally polarized antenna that provides between 6db -9db of gain. to 155 Mc. £ 126. 5 cm) at each end to strip the insulation, peel back the braid, strip the center conductor, and attached the ring lugs. For an overview of this antenna see the Cebik article The Moxon Rectangle: A Review. 1 out of 5 stars 12. With the tips of the driven element and reflector bent to nearly touch, it squeezes the width of the antenna into a much smaller space. Since building this antenna, N7XM has made me aware of a commercially manufactured 80 meter antenna with a very similar design. Ideal for portable or home install. Practical Construction. This is a great antenna with a 5db gain, ligh We often think of the Moxon rectangle as strictly an HF antenna. easy 2 meter ground plane + 2 meter 5/4 wave antenna. I used a piece of half-inch PVC pipe as a template to mark the joists for the 17-meter antenna. I used 1″ thin-wall PVC pipe, aluminum tape, and RG-8X coax. 2 meter moxon antenna plans